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Knowing Characters of Bali Painting Based on the Region

Visa Bali Info – Everything about Bali is always interesting to discuss. This amazing island has so many interesting things to enjoy no matter the visitors come from. If you loved nature tourism, lots of beaches, waterfalls, rivers or lakes can be your answers to enjoy your vacation to perfect your day with fresh and cool atmosphere. But if you are planning to have vacation with learning and enjoying about traditional art and cultures, then this amazing island is the perfect choice for you to make it happen. People who like about Balinese art and culture are usually buying traditional gifts such as Bali painting. This painting can be found in gift shops or in art galleries in Bali island. Facts that many people around the world are loving this Bali painting is they are giving this painting to their families or friends after they’ve done their trip from Bali island, or they hang the amazing Bali painting on their private room or living room. Every region of Bali island has its own story and characters, and this is made the Bali painting is has so many options and styles.

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The History of Bali Painting

Bali island is really famous by its arts specially for both painting, visual arts, dances and even musics. Lots of people all around the world are coming to this beautiful island to see the amazing art performances that can’t be found in other countries. Other than just enjoying the art performances on this island, people are loved to buy special gifts of Bali painting after they done their traveling. Before you buy this special painting from Bali island, it is a good idea to know what kind of paintings that you are going to buy. Because the art of painting is depends on the area of origin, each region has different history and character. The arts that are poured into different media also have different characters. Especially in painting, the area of the painting development becomes the influence of the character of painting produced in Bali island. Here we made list about the origin of Bali painting by its region as below

  • Batuan

    Batuan is located in the south side of Ubud. Most of the artists of this place produce the painting by applying them on temples or garments. Paintings which are comes from this place likely to use crowded theme such us daily activities of people in this area, and then using themed in dark nuance, or legendary event. The painting usually shows unique creatures such as monsters or animals or other bad and scary characters.

  • Keliki

    So many talented artists from north side of Ubud which is called by Keliki are producing amazing painting in there. The painting that produced in this place reveal the life of Balinese countryside with various legends stored and poured with eye-catching colors.

  • Sanur

    The characters of painting from Sanur has been influenced by western cultures. Most of the paintings from this place are describing nature. The Bali painting from Sanur has brightly atmosphere compare to other regions, and the motif of the painting is quite simple.

  • Ubud

    Ubud becomes the art centre for centuries. In the first era, the theme of painting was about wayang or puppet which related with religion. This is become the identical style of the arts in Ubud area at that time. The Pitamaha Art Guild that made on 1936 has created to become facility of art that having purpose to improve Balinese tourism through painting. But after this era, people in Ubud are making arts exhibitions and slowly the religion theme was changing to the daily activities of Balinese people.

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