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Know How To Rent A House In Bali

visa4bali – Rent A House In Bali. Bali Island is one of the islands in Indonesia which has a lot of immigrants from foreign countries. This may be due to the high tourism activity in this place. There are many tourist attractions in Bali have their own charm, especially for foreigners. Because there are many tourist attractions having very beautiful views and make foreign tourists feel at home, many people want to rent out their properties.

Moreover, at this time the government has issued a new regulation regarding the opening the doors of the Indonesian state to foreign nationals. Currently the door of Bali is open for you foreign nationals who want to see again how beautiful the island of Bali is. So people who open business in the property sector will return with a series of attractive promos for renting houses, villas or hotels. If you are interested in coming to Bali and staying here for a while, it would be nice if you understand how to rent a house in Bali.

Rent A House In Bali

Popular area for renting houses or boarding houses is Denpasar. Why? Besides Denpasar has a dense population, here is also the center of government, offices, education and even Denpasar is also a tourism center. There are many tourist attractions that you can find in this area. Even if you want to move to another tourist area, the distance doesn’t take long. So this area is very strategic to be used as your residence while in Bali.

For those of you who want to rent a house in Bali, currently there are many platforms on the internet such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that provide information about renting houses, villas, and also boarding houses. There are even websites that offer information about renting houses and villas.

These four places are usually rented or leased for at least a year, and if the tenant wants to rent the place for more than 1 year, the price offered will be much cheaper, depending on how the agreement has been made between the tenant and the owner of the house.

Through online internet media, you don’t even have to worry about how to get a comfortable house with the best location on Bali. Even not only houses, you can also find information about renting a boarding house, hotel rooms, renting a car and much more.

Tips for Rent a House in Bali

Here are tips for you if you want to choose rented house in the Denpasar area

  1. Find rental information through various ways, one of which is from platforms on the internet or you can also get recommendations from someone or a friend.

  2. Carry out a direct survey to the location to see and find out the overall condition of the house to be rented.

  3. Make sure the house you rent is in accordance with your needs and your budget.

  4. Try to check public facilities around the house, if possible you can choose a location close to hospitals, tourist attractions, or markets.

  5. Important things is that if the 4 points above have been achieved, try to negotiate the rental price with the owner of the house. And also don’t forget to make a rental agreement so that there are no misunderstandings one day.

If you have long plans to stay in Bali, it is recommended to rent a house. Because the capacity of the house and also the facilities in it. The house is also considered quite private and comfortable when compared to a hotel or resort. Now it’s time for you to return to Bali with your new holiday plans. The door of Bali has been opened again for foreign nationals who have missed Bali. If you have any questions regarding your visa requirements or visa extension, please contact us immediately.

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