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Kite Festival in Bali

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Visa Bali Info – Kite Festival in Bali

Not just enjoying the beach with the beauty of the waves, enjoying the sunset, sunrise to enjoy the wind.

However, have you ever been to the beach but to try to fly a kite or just to see people playing kites?

And do you know, in Bali there is a kite festival. For those of you who like to see super-large kites with very long tails, just try to see the kite festival on the island of Bali, to be precise at Mertasari beach, Sanur.

The Tradition of Flying for the Balinese

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In Bali flying a kite is a form of gratitude to the Creator, especially the God of Rare Angon.

Rare Angon means shepherd’s child, after the harvest season arrives, usually the farmers, especially the shepherd’s children, have free time which they use to have fun with their friends.

While looking after livestock, one of the games they often do is play kites or hover.

The tradition of “flying” is still often carried out by the people of the Island of the Gods. Flying is a hobby that is loved by various groups in Bali from children, old, young, men and women.

So it can be said that this float has become a culture of life for most people in Bali. This can be proven by the many kite competitions and festivals held in Bali.

Traditional Kite Forms in Festivals

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In its development, nothing has changed from the form of kites that are included in competitions or festivals.

It’s just that the manufacturing technique is experiencing development. The Balinese people highly uphold and respect what their ancestors have passed down from generation to generation.

The most traditional kites flown at kite festivals in Bali are the bebean (fish-shaped) kites, pecukan (leaf-shaped) and janggan (bird-shaped) kites.

The size of the kite that is flown usually ranges from 4 meters – 10 meters in width. Janggan kites can have a tail length of up to 200 meters, so it is only natural that when flying a kite, a group of 10 or more people is needed.

Balinese Traditional Kite Design

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In the traditional design, this kite design is usually black, red, yellow and white.

Of course the colors are in the form of bebean (fish), pecukan (leaves) and janggan (bird). However, currently the festival has flown kites in the form of creations, for example in the form of dragons, cars, motorbikes, sponsor mascots and so on.

13 Kite Competitions Usually Held in Bali

Due to the large amount of public interest in participating in the competition from this kite festival, there are approximately 13 kite festival competitions which are often held namely;

  1. Bali Kite Festival
  2. Gianyar Kite Competition
  3. Denpasar Kite Competition
  4. Biaung Kite Competition
  5. Tanjung Kite Competition
  6. Sanur Village Kite Competition and Festival
  7. Kite Kite Competition
  8. Ungasan Kite Competition
  9. Tabanan Kite Competition
  10. Belega Kite Competition
  11. Kite Competition – Frozen kite
  12. Strong Kite Competition
  13. Bali International Kite Festival

Kite Festival at Mertasari Beach

The kite festival which was born because of the “flying” tradition is usually always held once a year during the windy season, namely July – October each year.

The Kite Festival in 2022 was held at Mertasari Beach, Sanur, Bali from 30 to 31 July 2022.

The annual festival which was held last July was fostered by the Bali Kite Art Community, and was attended by 1,178 competitors.


Make sure next year you don’t miss this kite festival, here you will get your own entertainment while on vacation in Bali.

Apart from being held at Mertasari Beach, kite festivals are also often held at Padang Galak Beach. Always remember the schedule and don’t miss it.


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