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Kecak Dance Uluwatu – The Famous Bali Fire Dance

Visa4Bali – Kecak Dance. Besides being a tourist spot, Bali is also very famous for its dance performances. In Bali, tourists will be served by seeing a Balinese Kecak dance performance which is very unique to the customs that exist in Bali.
There are several places where the Kecak dance is performed, for example at Uluwatu Temple, Ubud, and also in Tanah Lot.
If you want to watch the Kecak dance performance, which is a favorite place for tourists, it is at the Uluwatu temple.
Why is the Kecak dance in Uluwatu more interesting, because the Kecak dance performance is set against a direct view of the sunset.

Uluwatu Kecak Dance Bali

Kecak Fire Dance

Uluwatu is a tourist spot at the southernmost tip of the island of Bali, this is a very famous village with a mainstay tourist attraction, namely the Uluwatu Temple with sunsets and the Kecak dance.
The Uluwatu Balinese Kecak Dance is staged on an open stage in the form of a circle right next to Uluwatu Temple.
On the right and left of the temple, your eyes will be spoiled by views of the cliffs and the beauty of the sunset panorama.
The behavior of the monkeys who live freely & wildly around the temple will also be very interesting for you to observe. However, be careful not to get close to the monkeys because of their wild nature sometimes they like to take anything from you.

Kecak Dance, Unique Dance

kecak dance

In contrast to most other Indonesian dance arts, the Kecak dance is so unique. Why, because this dance is not accompanied by the strains of a single musical instrument.

The only dominant melody that accompanies this Kecak dance performance is the sound of “cak cak ke cak cak ke” from dozens of men sitting in a circle.

These are the Kecak dancers who wear plaid cloth costumes like a chessboard that wraps around their waists.

Kecak dance is a collaboration created by local and international artists in the past.

Precisely around the 1930s an artist from Bali named Wayan Limbak and Walter Spies who is a painter from Germany created the Balinese Kecak Dance based on the Sanghyang ritual with the Ramayana story inserted in it.

This dance became popular when Wayan Limbak introduced Kecak Dance to the world by touring around the world with several other Balinese dancers.

5 Main Scenes in Uluwatu Kecak Dance Performance

kecak dance

  1. Rama, Dewi Sita and the Admiral entered the arena then the Golden Deer (Marica’s incarnation) appeared. Because of the deer’s beauty, Dewi Sita asked Sri Rama to catch it. Of course Rama agreed and left Sita by telling Laksmana to take care of his wife. But a few moments later a scream for help was heard.
  • Dewi Sita panicked thinking it was coming from the Rama and asked the Admiral to help her. In accordance with his brother’s orders that he should not leave Dewi Sita alone, Laksmana refused. But because he was accused of taking advantage of the death of his brother Sri Rama, Laksamana became angry and provoked, finally leaving Dewi Sita alone.

2. Dewi Sita, who was left alone, made a golden opportunity for Ravana to kidnap her. Then Ravana appeared but failed to kidnap Sita. With his ruse, Ravana transformed into a Bhagavan (a wise old man) claiming to be thirsty and asking Sitta to fetch water.

  • After getting water, Bhagawan (Ravana) had a free opportunity to kidnap Sita, so that Sita was kidnapped. On the way, the garuda bird heard the cry for help from Dewi Sita. Garuda also helped Dewi Sita, but with Ravana’s supernatural power, the wings of the eagle were cut and defeated. Finally, Sita was brought to the kingdom of Alengka, the palace of Prabu Rahwana.

3. Rama and Laksamana, who were lost in the forest at Ayodya Pura, learned of the whereabouts of his wife, Dewi Sita, who was kidnapped and taken away by Rahwana to Alengka Pura. With the help of Hanoman (the white monkey) Sri Rama sent Hanoman to bring his ring to Alengka Pura to be given to Dewi Sita to believe that Hanoman was Rama’s messenger.

4. This scene is told that Hanoman got permission to visit Dewi Sita accompanied by Ravana’s nephew, Trijata. Hanuman appears when Sita is lamenting her fate. Hanoman then handed over the ring given by the Rama, then Dewi Sita left the flowers to Sri Rama and ordered him to immediately free himself. Hanoman left Sita, but ransacked the Alengka Pura garden so that it was in ruins.

5. War ensued between the giant king Ravana and King Rama. The story then closes with the defeat of King Ravana who can be defeated with a magic arrow owned by Sang Rama Dewa and in the end King Rama Dewa can reunite with his consort Dewi Sita.

Dance on Fire

kecak dance


It is told, when Hanoman went to the garden of Alengka Pura and tore it apart until it was out of shape. Which resulted in the servants of Alengka Pura ordering the giants to capture Hanoman, he was caught tied and burned. But with his supernatural powers Hanoman was able to escape the blazing red fire.

This is where there is a dance scene over red coals that are burning. Here the dancer who dances on the coals is not injured at all.

Show Schedule and Admission Ticket

Show Schedule

The ticket counter for the Kecak dance at Uluwatu temple will open at 17:15 Bali time.

The Kecak dance performance starts at 18:00.

The performance ends at 19:00

Entrance ticket

  • Ticket Price   Category
  • Adult              150,000/person
  • Children         95,000/person

Enjoying classy art performances accompanied by the beauty of the twilight panorama with the sunset, of course it will be very memorable for your holiday in Bali.

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