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Visa Bali Info – Hoshinoya Bali

Exploring Bali is indeed not satisfied if it is only done in one visit, the natural beauty and culture are able to make anyone who has ever come will continue to feel longing to come back again.

The same goes for natural and cultural beauty. Bali has a million charms of tourist attractions that are different from other regions in Indonesia.

The charm of this attractive tourist spot is balanced with various facilities for you to enjoy Bali comfortably.

Lodging is one of them, hotels, villas, resorts, glamping all seem to be competing to provide the best for you.

Hoshinoya Bali, one of the many resorts in Bali that offers a Japanese-style resort theme. Well, how can this resort be Japanese-themed, see our review below.

Hoshinoya Bali

This luxury resort, which has been open since 2017, has the concept of a blend of Balinese and Japanese culture.

At this resort you will also feel real healing, all over Hoshinoya Bali, guests can feel the water flowing from the Pakerisan river. The flow of the river, which is considered sacred by the local community, flows just below the valley where the Hoshinoya Bali resort stands.

Hoshinoya Bali Design

Every area within Hoshinoya Bali is set in a thick forest, as if hanging on the side of a valley and surrounded by the flow of the Pakerisan river.

The overall design of the resort is based on the Balinese Hindu spiritual philosophy, which emphasizes the balance between man and nature, scale and nobility.

Hoshinoya Bali architect Rie Azuma designed this resort by combining various Balinese elements that refer to Japanese aesthetic art.

Meanwhile, the garden design in this resort was designed by Hiroki Hasegawa who puts forward the pattern of open space for the public, highlighting the beauty of the valley and the wooden paths that meander following the contours of the hills.

Hoshinoya Has 30 Villas With 3 Categories

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Hoshinoya Bali has 30 villas designed to form a typical Balinese residential pattern, with 3 villa categories including;

  1. Villa Bulan is a garden pool villa, a villa with bedrooms on the top floor and features views of the shady green garden. Downstairs of the villa is the lounge by the pool.
  2. Vila Soka is a garden pool villa, Maisonette type or tiny apartment with bedroom and workspace located on the second floor. While the first floor is used as a family room and garden.
  3. Villa Jalak is a garden pool villa with a terrace, a villa in the form of a spacious apartment. This one-story villa has views over the valley and gorge of the Pakerisan river.

Hoshinoya Bali Room Design

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The walls of each villa are carved with wooden pictures, each telling a different story about the flora and fauna in the jungle interior of Ubud.

Shoji or Japanese sliding doors, Andon or Japanese lighting techniques, and the spatial arrangement of each villa are perfectly combined with elements of the Balinese concept of spatial planning.

The location of the villas at Hoshinoya Bali was created to limit 3 swimming pools designed like a river, where each villa has a terrace with direct access to the pool and functions as an open space.

You can swim in this semi-private pool with a length of 70 meters whose design is inspired by the traditions of the ancient Balinese people.

Japanese Fine Dining

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Of course, Hoshinoya Bali provides a menu of Japanese specialties, guests can enjoy a wide selection of dishes, such as Sukiyaki, Yose-nabe, Sushi, and Chirashi, as well as a set course menu that combines the uniqueness of French, Balinese, and Japanese dishes.

Hoshinoya Bali itself has an icon, namely Cafe Gazebo, a cafe in the form of an open cage where guests can sit back and relax on a comfortable sofa, enjoying the green scenery in all directions.

Hoshinoya Bali offers the sensation of enjoying a life free from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, replaced by tranquility and silence that is very close to nature.

The most interesting thing is that there is no TV and clock in the villa. Hoshinoya Bali wants to provide a complete relaxation experience, so that guests can enjoy the atmosphere of mingling with nature and fellow guests.

So it’s not wrong if you want to feel real healing, make a reservation right away..

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