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VIsa4bali – visa on arrival. Let’s talk about visas. The mandatory thing and must be known by all prospective visitors to Indonesia or any country before visiting country is a Visa. As is well known, Indonesia some time ago implemented regional restrictions and prohibited the entry of foreign nationals in order to break the chain of the Covid-19 virus.

But now, as the Indonesian government informed in October 2021 that the Indonesian state has reopened its doors to foreign nationals, but still prioritizing health protocols considering that we all cannot be free from the threat of the COVID-19 virus. Of course, many potential visitors who come from abroad, want to visit Indonesia for various purposes, whether to do business or just a vacation because of stress due to boredom. For you prospective visitors who want to come to Indonesia, this time let’s discuss about visa on arrival information.

Every foreign citizen who enters Indonesia is required to have a visa. This has happened since the Covid-19 pandemic has caused an uproar throughout the world. Indonesia has stopped visa-free facilities as well as visa on arrival, so all foreign nationals who want or will enter the territory of Indonesia must have a visa. Currently, foreign nationals who want to enter Indonesia can only go through the islands of Riau and Bali. And then what is a visa on arrival? And how to get it? Let’s check below explanation.

visa on arrivalUnderstanding Visa On Arrival & Conditions for Getting It

Visa on arrival is a type of visa that provided by the Indonesian government for foreign nationals who wish to visit Indonesia for certain purposes such as business purposes, for holidays or for social visits. So if you want to vacation on the island of Bali, then you must have this visa on arrival so you can enjoy your vacation in peace. The things you have to prepare before getting a visa on arrival are as follows:

  • valid passport
  • return ticket or ticket to leave the territory of Indonesia after 30 days
  • pay the visa on arrival or VoA fee

This visa on arrival allows visitors to stay for 30 days in Indonesia, starting from the visitor arriving in Indonesia and ending on the day of departure from Indonesia. If you want to extend this visa, you can do it but only once and cannot be done again after. If you are reckless, you will be fined.

Process To Get Visa On Arrival

After knowing what the conditions are, then you need to know the process to be able to get this visa on arrival. The process of getting VoA (Visa on Arrival) is quite easy and simple, please see below

  • Going to Indonesia and arriving at the preferred airport, you need to make sure that you have chosen the correct airport that can process visa on arrival applications.
  • Once you arrive at the airport, look for the VoA counter and waiting in line
  • Wait for the process there and make payment to get VoA
  • The final step is to get a stamp in the passport by going to the immigration counter

That’s not so complicated, right? For additional information, each passenger will receive a departure and arrival card that must be filled in. The information in it is about the data in the visitor’s passport, the visitor’s flight details, and the visitor’s residence address while in Indonesia. Residential address can usually be filled with the address of the hotel or temporary residence of the visitor while in Indonesia.

If you have more question about visa or you need to extend your permit in Indonesia, please click contact us! Our customer care is online for 24 hours!

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