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Impressive Traveling of Kintamani

Where is Kintamani?

Landscape of Agung volcano on Bali island, Indonesia

Visa Bali Kintamani – There will be never ending story if we talk about Bali. In this chance, we’d like to talk about one of beautiful part in Bali island called Kintamani. Before we writing down about tourist spot in Kintamani, maybe better if we share the common information of Kintamani. Kintamani located in the tourism area on the northeastern part of Bali island and under the caldera of Batur mount. The mount of Batur is one of the active volcanoes in Bali. There is also lake of batur there, which is offering refreshing natural scenery.

Villages that having good view from the mount and lake of Batur are Penelokan village, Batur village, and also Kintamani village become favorite spot for tourist even for domestic or foreign. This is because those 3 villages are located on highland. Besides loving the refreshing atmosphere surrounding them, tourist can also do soak in the natural hot springs in the village of Toya Bungkah.

For you who wants to have spiritual trip during your vacation’s time, you can also find temple called Pura Danu Batur.

Don’t worry about your lodging if you’d like to visit here, there are so many hotel and resort, coffee shop, and also restaurant start from cheap to expensive providing many kind of foods. Here are the most reasonable and famous things that made Kintamani interesting for tourist

  1. The view of mount and lake of Batur that can be seen from Penelokan village.

  2. Natural hot springs located in the village of Toya Bungkah.

  3. The cool climate and fresh atmosphere surrounding the mountains.

Kintamani Tourist Spot

Well, we will inform you completely, another tourist spot in Kintamani that can be your references for your plan trip are as below :

  1. Penelokan Village of Kintamani

    As we mentioned in above, this is the most favorite place in Kintamani. This is because the air is really fresh and cool. There are a lot of coffee shop and restaurant who has dirrect access to see and enjoy the mountains and lake view from the heigh. You may bring your camera because you have to capture the moment and the scenery. The best time if you will visit here is at 9 AM, clouds will be appear after 12.30 and cover the mountains area.


  2. Mount and Lake of Batur

    As we mentioned before, Batur mount is active volcanoes. This might be the good photo spot for you who loves photography. And then lake of batur located close with mount of batur. Tourist usually enjoying the view around them, and sometimes doing rent a bout to arround the lake.

  3. Hot Springs in Kintamani

    At the edge of batur lake, there is hot spring toya bungkah. This is natural hot springs with no sulfur content. People believe that the air from this hot springs can heal skin diseases.

  4. Pura Ulun Danu Batur

    Temple or balinese people called Pura is sacred place for them. There is sacred place called Pura ulun danu batur can be found in Kintamani. This Pura belongs to one of important pura in Bali island. But according to news, this pura destroyed by the eruption of Mount Batur and rebuilt in 1926.

Having bali’s trip is always relate with foods and the souvenirs. Because of bali identical with culture and arts, a lot of tourist wants to have special memories that can remember Bali. In Kintamani, so many places selling balinese souvenirs, but to get cheap price from the seller, you need to good for bargaining.

Kintamani also having place who produce fresh fruits and vegetables, the most popular fruits from this place called Kintamani oranges. You should try them!

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