The Magical of Ijen Blue Fiery

Ijen Blue Fiery
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Visa Bali Info – Ijen Blue Fiery

Indonesia has so many natural tourist destinations that are so beautiful to spend while on vacation, such as Bali with its diverse beauty of places and culture that can really enchant you to come.

But not only Bali which has a variety of cultural beauty and place. Almost all parts of Indonesia have it.

Shifting to the West, you will find a beautiful place with its natural wonder namely “blue fire”. So where is the blue fire? Check out our review.

Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen is an active volcano that has erupted 4 times (1796, 1817, 1913, and 1936). There is a crater covering an area of ​​5,466 hectares which is the largest crater on the island of Java.

Located in Central Java, precisely on the border of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi. A mountain with a green crater at an altitude of 2,443 meters

The World’s Largest Acid Crater

Ijen Crater is located within the Ijen Tourism Park Nature Reserve. This sulfur-smelling crater contains approximately 35 million cubic meters of acidic water.

Although it looks beautiful, but who would have thought that the crater water has an acid point that reaches 0 which is very dangerous for living things.

Water with this level of acidity can dissolve various objects, including the human body. No wonder Ijen Crater is called the largest acid crater in the world.

Local Traditional Sulfur Mining Area

Ijen Blue Fiery
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When you climb Mount Ijen, don’t be surprised if you meet traditional miners. These miners still use traditional methods, relying solely on axes, baskets, and human strength. The miners usually carry sulfur weighing 90-130Kg / one way, down steep, rocky roads, even slippery in the rainy season.

The beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see when you arrive at the peak is a “payment” that is more than the hard work of climbing for two hours. The beautiful Edelwise flowers grow and bloom naturally in this fertile soil.

Blue Fire Natural Beauty

Ijen Blue Fiery
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The uniqueness of this mountain is that at night, you can find blue fire or blue fire. According to research, this rare phenomenon comes from high-pressure sulfur gas that erupts from rock crevices with temperatures reaching 600 degrees Celsius. While the blue color is produced from the process of meeting sulfur gas and the surrounding air.

As an Indonesian, we are certainly very proud because we are blessed with extraordinary natural beauty, including the blue fire in Ijen Crater. Because there are only two rare phenomena in the world, namely Indonesia and Iceland.

To enjoy this rare sight, you have to do a hike in the middle of the night, around 01.30 already moving from the Paltuding Post.

Best sunrise spot

Ijen Blue Fiery
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Besides enjoying the blue fire and beautiful colored craters. You can also enjoy a very beautiful sunrise or sunrise. If the weather is clear, you can see the panorama of Banyuwangi City and the Bali Strait from a height. So beautiful, the sunrise spot at Kawa Ijen is dubbed the Sunrise of Java.

However, climbing to Ijen Crater requires strong stamina. Unlike other craters that can be visited by motorized vehicles.

The journey takes (minimum) 2 hours by foot. Rocky, sandy, and steep terrain requires quite a lot of energy to get to the top.

Tips & Tricks for Watching Blue Fire at Ijen Crater

  • The best time to climb Mount Ijen is in the dry season between June and August. The terrain is dry, while in other months during the rainy season it becomes slippery.
  • The right time for climbing is 05.00 in the morning already at the Paltuding Post. In the morning the air is still cool, and the smell of sulfur is not too strong.
  • If you want to see the Blue Fire, it is recommended that around 01.00 it has moved from the Paltuding Post.
  • Bring complete equipment for climbing here, such as walking sticks, mountain shoes, etc


Because the best time to see blue fire in the crater occurs during the dry season, around June to August. Clear your schedule during these months so you can take a vacation to enjoy the natural beauty of this “blue fire”.

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