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The Stunning of Mount Batur Sunrise

Mount Batur

Visa Bali Info –  Mount Batur Sunrise. The charm of Bali’s natural beauty is second to none, but do you understand that the natural beauty of Bali is not only synonymous with beaches.

You can try climbing the mountain to catch the sunrise in the morning. This will certainly be the most exciting experience.

Bali itself has three locations that are well-known among climbers, namely Mount Agung, Batur, and Abang.

This time we try to review Mount Batur so that you can see the beauty in a description before going straight to and hunting for the sunrise over Mount Batur.

Overview of Mount Batur

Mount Batur in Bali is an active volcano located in the middle of two concentric calderas northwest of Mount Agung. According to Hindu belief, Mount Batur is one of the sacred mountains in Bali. This mountain stands at 1717m above sea level.

Preparation Before Heading to the Peak

Before starting the journey to climb Mount Batur, you must first pay attention to the needs of preparation before climbing. This is very important to minimize the worst possibility that will happen, here are things you should pay attention to ;

  • Make sure you have stamina and excellent mental condition
  • Wearing trekking shoes
  • Jumper (the weather at the top of the mountain is quite cold)
  • Long pants
  • Extra clothes to change
  • Extra water
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • bathrobe
  • Camera

Starting Ascent

Mount Batur

The climbers will start climbing at 04.00 am, passing through the sandy road. This road is quite easy to pass because the path is still flat.

After passing through the sandy roads, climbers will walk among the tall weeds. The road began to be rocky and uphill.

In this phase the path is still easy to pass until the next 10 minutes climbers will find a more uphill and rocky road.

Arriving at the small temple area called Pura Payogan, almost all of the guides prayed for a moment. Usually the guides ask permission first before climbing, so that everything goes smoothly.

According to Balinese belief, the mountain is a sacred place, therefore we must “excuse me” first before going up.

From Payongan Temple, the hiking trail is higher and steeper. It took about 1 hour to reach the top of Mount Batur.

Sunrise over Mount Batur

Mount Batur
Ig @gunungbaturtrecking

After 2 hours of traveling long enough to reach the top, the golden color of the sky began to be seen from the eastern horizon. The view of Mount Abang and Mount Agung from the same side is also visible. The scenery is getting more beautiful when Lake Batur is more clearly visible.

While enjoying this panoramic view of the true beauty of God, it seems you should try to enjoy a Mount Batur breakfast. Eggs cooked in hot springs points and a warm cup of tea.

Once the sun has started to rise, a lot of monkeys will come. They want to find food from the supplies brought by the group of climbers. In this situation, you must remain vigilant. Don’t let your belongings get stolen by this naughty animal.

Two Ways To Climb Mount Batur

1. Using Tour Packages

The price offered by mountain climbing tour packages is around Rp. 400 thousand to Rp. 800 thousand per person. However, the price includes hotel pick-up, breakfast, and guide fees.

2. Direct Registration at Gunung Batur Post

Prices are set starting from IDR 300 thousand for local tourists and starting from IDR 600 thousand for foreign tourists.

There is a hot spring

After you get off, on the way if you want to take the time to stop by at a hot spring.

Relax and refresh yourself in a beautiful hot spring bath famous for its natural healing mineral waters and views overlooking Lake Batur. This 16 kilometer wide lake is considered sacred by the Balinese people. Because it is forbidden to swim in it.

The exotic scenery at sunrise does make anyone seem enchanted by the natural beauty of God’s creation.

Don’t forget your camera, because of course there will be many instagenic spots that you have to capture in a picture story.

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