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Toya Devasya
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Visa Bali Info – Toya Devasya

Enjoying the natural atmosphere of Bali is indeed one of the choices when traveling. Relax on the beach, explore the river, climb the mountain to enjoy relaxing in an eco green themed villa.

But have you ever thought about enjoying the day by relaxing in a hot spring with natural views of the mountains.

Bali also has this tourist spot, it’s worth trying and feeling soaking in the warm water that is right at the foot of Mount Batur.

Hot Springs, Toya Devasya

Having become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali today, Toya Devasya has the natural beauty of a typical mountain landscape.

Located in Toya Bungkah Village which offers natural hot springs. Built with 8 hot spring pools with views of Mount and Lake Batur.

Currently here you are not only enjoying the hot spring baths but also various other interesting activities.

You can explore nature, camping, eating, to the spa. This tourist spot is in Kintamani which is not too difficult to reach because it is not too far from downtown Denpasar.

Hot Water Pool With Views Of Mount And Lake Batur

Toya Devasya
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Has 8 hot spring pools equipped with showers on the edge of the pool. There is also an infinity pool which directly faces Lake Batur.

The hot water comes from volcanic underground water at the foot of Mount Batur and is channeled into the pool through several showers.

The hot water contains many minerals that are beneficial for relaxing the body, improving blood circulation, and for skin health.

What you need to know is that the hot springs here have clear water and don’t smell of sulfur.

Enjoy a relaxing soak in a hot spring bath, you will be presented with a beautiful and calm view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.

Activities You Can Do Here

When you choose Toya Devasya, you will not only encounter hot springs, but you will do many things here, such as;

  • There is Waterboom
Toya Devasya
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Here you can play in the Waterboom area, you don’t have to go far to enjoy various exciting facilities such as slides and various other rides.

  • Camping and Outbound
Toya Devasya
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The beauty of the natural panorama in the Toya Devasya area is indeed a feast for the eyes. Here you can enjoy its beauty by camping or doing challenging outbound activities.

Camping and outbound areas have been provided by the manager with comfortable tents. The location is by the lake with stunning natural scenery. In addition, several parks have also been beautified so that the atmosphere at this camping site is more comfortable.

  • Trekking

For those of you who have a hobby of driving adrenaline, of course this trekking activity is perfect for you.

Climb Mount Batur to get a closer look at the caldera and the natural scenery around the mountain.

If you are interested, here you can contact the manager for the Mount Batur tour. Trekking or climbing to the top of the mountain takes about 2 hours.

When you are at the top, you will be treated to an exotic view from the Kintamani geopark. Mountains, lakes, and also green forests are the views presented.

  • Canoeing

Close to Lake Batur, you can enjoy the beauty of nature by canoeing. This activity is one of the tours provided by the manager at an additional cost.

The equipment for this water sport has been fully provided, you can use a life jacket first for safety. Canoes and paddle boats are ready to wait for you to be invited to explore the beautiful and exotic Lake Batur.

  • Tasting Typical Kintamani Coffee
Toya Devasya
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Famous for the best coffee in Bali, of course this will be a very suitable dish after you soak in Toya Devasya.

With a cool and chill atmosphere, accompanied by delicious dishes with beautiful views of Mount Batur and the lake.

Location and Hours of Operation In Toya Devasya

Address :

Central Batur, Kec. Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali.

Operational hour :

Monday – Friday, 08.00 – 18.00 WITA

Saturday – Sunday, 07.00 – 19.00 WITA


Immediately schedule your vacation here, enjoy the beauty of nature and relax, of course this will be your best healing vacation. Enough with an entrance ticket of Rp. 100.000,- you will enjoy various fun activities at Toya Devasya.

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