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History of Islam in Bali the First Time Islam Entered Bali


islam in bali

Visa Bali Info – History of Islam in Bali

However, some historians trace the existence of Islam in Bali through oral traditions and the existence of various Islamic communities that exist in various areas in Bali.

Through research in various Muslim communities in Bali, it can be known when Islam began to enter the area, among others, through research on old mosques that were built and ancient tombs of Islamic leaders in the area who are now also known as Wali Pitu from Bali.

islam in bali

History of Islam in Bali

Islam entered the island of Bali since the heyday of the Majapahit Kingdom in the XIII and XIV centuries AD. At that time the first Gelgel king, Dalem Ketut Ngelesir (1380-1460 AD) paid a visit to the Majapahit palace to meet King Hayam Wuruk.

At that time King Hayam Wuruk was holding a royal conference throughout the archipelago. The conference is an annual conference with subordinate kingdoms in various regions of Indonesia.

Under the rule of Hayam Wuruk, many of the people of Majapahit had embraced Islam. As evidence, archaeologists have succeeded in pointing out an ancient Islamic cemetery in Tralaya Village, Trawulan, Mojokerto.

Muslim Guards Who Live in Bali

At that time, Hayam Wuruk was holding a conference in his kingdom. Also invited to the event were Majapahit colony countries from all over the archipelago. Dalem Ngalesir came to represent the Gelgel Kingdom, a fragment of the Samprangan Kingdom which was controlled by his eldest brother.

After the event was over, Dalem Ketut Ngelesir returned to Bali. The return of Dalem Ketut Ngelesir to his kingdom was accompanied by 40 people from Majapahit as accompaniments, two of whom were Raden Modin and Kiai Abdul Jalil along with 40 retinues from Majapahit. The Muslim guards only act as servants in the Gelgel Kingdom.

Settling and Spreading Islam in Bali

Raden Modin and Kiai Jalil lived long enough in the center of the Klungkung Gelgel Kingdom. But in their development they left Gelgel heading east and stopped at the village of Banjar Lebah.

In Banjar Lebah, Raden Modin stayed and did not continue his journey, while Kiai Jalil continued his journey to Saren village until he died in that village.

He left the writings of the Qur’anic manuscripts and a drum which is now in a damaged condition.

Since then Muslims began to have followers. Raden Modin and Kiai Abdul Jalil can be said to be the two leaders or guardians who first spread Islam on the island of Bali.

The Muslim community also built a mosque in Gelgel which became the center for starting Islamic activities, this mosque is the oldest mosque in Bali, besides that they also have marriages with the surrounding community.

Another History Tells

Another history that strengthens the entry of Islam into Bali is the role of Islamic soldiers living in Kusamba village in the war against the Dutch. Kusamba Village is known as an important port or port of the Gelgel Kingdom.

This village became known after King I Dewa Agung Putra built a palace named Puri “Kusanegara” which automatically became the seat of government for the two Gelgel kingdoms.

With the relocation of the center of government, this became the entrance for merchants from outside, from other kingdoms such as Bugis and Banjar merchants.

When the Patih Maruti rebellion occurred, King Gelgel brought many troops from Java who were actually Muslim to help quell the ongoing rebellion.

It didn’t end there when there was political tension between I Dewa Agung Istri Kanya as the ruler of the Klungkung Kingdom and the Dutch colonial government who wanted to control Klungkung at that time, where the war was won by the Klungkung Kingdom with the killing of a Dutch general named General Michels. The victory could not be separated from the role of Islamic soldiers stationed in Kusumba.

There are many theories that explain the entry of Islam in Bali, even though inter-religious harmony is the most important thing. Hopefully the above information can add to your insight about the spread of Islam in Bali.

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