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Hidden Beauty Like Heaven on Earth, Geger Beach Bali

geger beach

Bali Visa Info – Geger Beach. If you are planning a vacation to Bali and are looking for a beach with a calm atmosphere, we seem to have a recommendation to listen to, guys.

Bali, apart from having an identity with the charm of beach tourism, is accompanied by charming white sand.

Many beautiful beaches that offer an unspoiled atmosphere on the island of Bali. Like in Nusa Dua, there are beaches that are unspoiled and far from the noise of the city.

White Sand Beach and Sloping Coastline

The attraction of Geger Beach Nusa Dua lies in the beauty of the white sand beach with a fine sand texture. The contour of the beach is also gentle, with a stretch of beach along one kilometer.

The uniqueness of Geger Beach compared to other beaches in Bali is that the location is quite hidden, so it is not crowded with visitors.

Blue and clear sea water meets white sand that stretches out on a fairly sloping coastline. This sloping coastline makes the waves that come at Geger Beach quite calm. If you take your family along with children, then Geger Beach can be a safe enough place for them to play on the beach.

Doing Various Water Sports Activities

geger beach

There are many types of activities that can be done at Geger Beach. You can do water sports activities such as snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, and even fishing.

No need to bother bringing snorkeling equipment because you can rent it around the beach. For snorkeling and surfing activities, you have to rent a boat, because the snorkeling and surfing locations are about 200 meters from the beach.

For those who want to get around in the middle of the sea, you can rent a canoe with a predetermined playing time limit.

Camels at Geger Beach

geger beach

No need to go all the way to the desert areas in the Middle East to feel the sensation of riding a camel. You just need to rent a camel ride on Geger Island. While sitting on a camel, you can enjoy the cool beach air with a clear blue sea background and clean white sand.

Geger Dalem Putih Temple

geger beach

On the south side of Geger Beach, you can see a small hill, where there is the Geger Dalem Pamutih Temple. If you explore along this beach, you will arrive at the temple.

From this temple, you can see a sea view that seems limitless. At the edge of the sea, the waves gently brush the white sandy beach.

You can use this place to calm down or just relax from fatigue.

This temple is allowed to be visited by tourists with the rules that they must dress modestly.

Facilities Around the Beach

In the beach area, there are shower facilities, places to eat, toilets, a fairly large parking lot, beach chairs, and life guards.

geger beach

You can also rent a sundeck for IDR 50,000 and rent a towel for IDR 25,000.

Around the beach it is rare to find small food and beverage vendors like you often find on Kuta Beach. However, there are several cafes that offer processed seafood or other international foods.

Location of Geger Beach Nusa Dua

The location of Geger Bali beach is a little hidden and far from the center of the crowd. Because the location of Geger beach is hidden, many Indonesian tourists choose other beach attractions in Bali as vacation destinations.

This beach is a beach that is included in the administrative area of ​​Peminge Traditional Village, Sawangan.

Access to this place is not too difficult. Those of you who want to visit and witness the beauty of Geger Beach Nusa Dua can go through Hotel Nikko.

The sea water is warm throughout the day also attracts local people who like fishing. Usually in the late afternoon, many local people come to the beach.

The cleanliness of the beach is very well maintained and for me one of the cleanest beaches in Bali, and the sea water is very clear. In addition, there is easy parking, access from the parking lot to the beach is very close.

Comfortable and calm the impression given by Geger Beach. For those of you who want to enjoy a comfortable vacation, this beach is perfect for you.

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