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Here, Check What You Have to Prepare Before Entering Bali, Indonesia!

Bali Visa Info – Bali island has a million places that are very charming and this island has so much to offer. Lots of local and foreign tourists spend their time on this island with their partner, family or friends. This amazing island will be very crowded during the school holiday season or the end of the year before the new year. People will choose this beautiful island as their tourist destination because Bali island offers extraordinary natural scenery. There are so many options if you want to spend your holiday on this island. Starts from family vacation with their children, or for a vacation with a partner for having special honeymoon. Lots of tourists from other countries are interested in visiting Indonesia because they want to see how amazing the island of Bali is. If you have a plan to visit this island, you may need information about visa application requirement first. Because the first thing you need to prepare other than passport is your visa. Foreigners need to prepare below documents before they arrived to Indonesia

  • Passport

  • Application form

  • Passport photo (according to the format and size requested by the Embassy)

  • Sponsor letter or work certificate or study certificate

  • Proof of finance for the last 3 months and photocopies

  • Copy of ID card

  • Copy of family card

  • Travel itinerary

  • Proof of booking ticket or flight ticket

The things mentioned above are the requirements to apply for a visa to Indonesia country. Please do not leave any of the conditions above so that your visa application process goes smoothly. Now, after knowing what conditions you need to prepare to be able to come to this amazing island, you need to know how to apply for a visa. To get a visa, people usually have to apply to the visa issuing authority of the destination country first.

baliHow To Make A Visa

Here are the steps for making visa

  1. Register and reserve an interview schedule and verify documents

    Currently, in the midst of digital technology, the government has created a new system for submitting visa applications by online. Now how to make visa become easier with this online technology. You only need to visit the website of the Embassy of the destination country to get the latest information and download the required documents.

  2. Preparing Documents

    The next step is to prepare all the documents mentioned at the beginning of the article. You need to complete all of them so that there will be no problems during submitting process.

  3. Document submission and interview

    You must bring all the necessary documents to the required place. Some of the verification locations are carried out by the state embassies (both regional and national) and some are not. Applicants must wait until their part called, then the applicant’s documents will be checked by the officer. If it is complete, you will be asked to pay a visa fee. Payment of the visa application fee is only one time. If you already paid at the time of account registration, you don’t have to pay again. In some countries, applicants may be interviewed about the purpose of visiting the destination country.

  4. Collection Process

    Document retrieval can not be done in a day, and usually will be asked to wait. Further information will be notified by SMS or email.

Those ways above are important information you need to know for applying visa. Or maybe you have a better option for dealing with your visa. We visa4bali are ready to provide our best service!

Lastest News : Bali is already open to foreign tourists, and we are ready to help you with your visa needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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