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Good Tourist Spots In Canggu, Bali Island

Bali Visa Info – We have talked about what you can do in Canggu, Bali island before on the previous article. You may want to know things you can do in Canggu. In this chance, we’d like to let you know what is the best tourist destination in Canggu you can visit. As we all knew, in Bali island the most popular tourist destination was located in Kuta and Sanur. Canggu is located on north Kuta and the access to get there is quiet easy. Canggu is offering beautiful tourist destination with affordable price. That’s why many tourists want to come back to this beautiful place.

Here we have collected information for you to get good information about good tourist spots in Canggu, Balinese island

Berawa Beach

People who want to enter this beach will have no entrance fee or free of charge. This beach is having less visitors and sometime on the certain days you will feel like having private beach on this place. Canggu is one of the best place for doing surfing. This beach is having heavy waves and strong flow. It is also having clear and clean water. You can do surfing in this good beach at day or night. If you’d like to do surfing at night, the beach management providing big lamps overlooking the sea as far as 100 meters for the surfer doing surfing at night.

Batu Bolong Beach

Batu Bolong is also having free of charge, you just need to pay parking if you used vehicles such motorcycle, car, or bus. This beach is presenting a stretch of bluish sea and big waves. There is also special thing from this beach by having a temple located on a coral reef, looks similar with Tanah Lot. Local people considering fresh spring on the rock’s there is a sacred thing.

Echo Beach

You don’t need to pay for entering this beach because this beach having free of charge. This beach is popular for the surfers to do surfing due to big waves and water flow. Besides surfing, you may enjoy beautiful sunset at this beach too. But it is not recomended for doing swimming at this beach becasue of the condition. If you come to visit this beach, don’t forget to take pictures with mesmerizing skies background that perfecting your sunset view.

cangguLove Anchor

Your vacation will be completed by visiting love anchor. This place provides you several kinds of handmade souvenirs. It can be kick-knacks form, decorations for room, or fashion products. All of those was made by Balinese artists. Besides buying the stuffs, you can also taking pictures to full your collections. This place is having good photo spot by providing colorful lamps.

Canggu Beach

This is popular beach among tourists even for domestic or foreign tourists. There are so many exotic nature view and you will have no fee to pay for entering this beach. The sands of this beach is different compare to other beaches. This beach is filled with black sands but still offering amazing panorama. You can do both surfing and swimming at this beach because the waves and water flow is quiet calm.

Segara Madu Park

This is artificial tourist spot in Canggu that provides various water park. Starts from a pool perfected with slides for children, spiller bucket rides, foam pool and also Olympic pool. The operating hours of this place is starts from 7 am to 6.30 pm.

Canggu Foodie Tour

After feeling satisfy shopping at love anchor, you can continue your journey and stop at this place. You can enjoy the tour by having several kinds of food with duration for 3 hours. This place is starts on 10 am.

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