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Tips For You Having Good Time Travelling Bali

travelling bali

Choosing Bali as Vacation’s Place

Someone must be have question like ‘Why people want to have vacation in Bali?’

For people who has visited this island or having travelling Bali experience, they will answer straightly ‘Bali is wonderful place with good people, culture, and food’.

People with experience in Bali vacation will know where to go to spend the vacation’s time, but if this is the first time you will have trip to Bali, the first thing you need to know is what place need to be visited during your Bali’s trip. After you get this information, you can share or discuss with your parents, family or your partner to have good vacation’s together.

Bali have a lot of places to go, this island provide you beach, food, sunshine, green scenery and more options to enjoy. This place will be suitable for all ages, start from kids, teenagers, and also couple or family with their kids. But remember, vacation is always connected with budget or money. You need to consider how much you will spend for it. This is not secret anymore that foreign tourist will be given expensive rate compare to local or domestic tourist. So you need to know some tricks if you don’t want wasting money in vain due to high rate.

Know When Is The Best Time Visiting Bali

If you want travelling Bali you need to know when is the best time you can visit there. Bali is popular with sunshine and beach, so we should know that summer is the best option to visit there. The time range for summer in Bali start from April until September. So you can choose what month you will come.

Besides summer, there are seasons with expensive rates that you need to know. Everything on this season are expensive, start from flight tickets, hotel rates, car rental prices, all of them will be increased. Knowing this information is important so you can manage your budget. The price increase range among 30% up to 50%. Its a quite high, right?

Here are the season with high rates in Bali as below :

  • School holidays
  • August, this is time when holiday season for foreigners
  • December – January, this is time when Christmas and New Year events.

Another consideration before travelling Bali is the traffic. Other than summer, when the holidays coming the traffic in Bali is really crazy especially in the southern part of Bali. But if you do really want to have vacation in the holidays time, you can book a car rental in Bali with a driver. This will helps you to take rest during the crazy traffic happened.

travelling bali

After choosing when you will visit Bali, another thing to do is choosing where you stay. Choose cheap hotel with good service. We suggest you to look for hotel or resort closed from tourist attraction. The tourist usually go to south Bali. The most popular place in south Bali is Kuta. There are a lot of options for resort and hotel around Kuta start from cheap to expensive, it is depends on your budget. The cheapest place can be found in the small alleys on Tuban highway and Kuta highway. And then expensive area can be found by choosing five stars hotel that are widely available in the Kuta beachfront area and Legian beachfront.

If we talk about vacation, it can’t be separated with the food. You need to enjoy your time and getting delicious food to get best moments for your travelling. Looking for restaurant with good food in Bali is easy. You can find cheap food, Indonesian food, and then Balinese food surrounding the tourist attraction.

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