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Good Surfers Place On Balinese Island – Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Bali Visa Info – Kuta is one of the most visited places in Balinese island, and became one of the best tourist destinations that provides white sand beaches. The cool atmosphere around this place, enhanced with beautiful sunset views and lots of surfers doing surfing on the beach will be perfecting nuance of your vacation. Kuta is located on the south side of Balinese island with best ocean views of Indian Ocean. If you take a road from International Airport of Ngurah Rai, it will take only about 15 minutes. Its pretty close, isn’t it? But please keep in your mind, due to this place is very famous for tourists who visit Bali island, there will be possibilities to have traffic jam. This place is having same popularity with Sanur as good tourist destination. For many years, this place became most wanted of doing vacation for domestic tourists and foreign tourists, especially Australian. Not many people know that this place used to be the habitat of green turtles previously. But at this time, the green turtles habitats has been moved to Tanjung Benoa.

Kuta as the Heart of Bali Tourism

What many people knows is that Kuta became the heart of tourism on Balinese island. If you’d like to see and enjoying sunset moments, it is better for you to visit this place. Different when you’d like to see sunrise, then the answer you need to go to Sanur beach, Bali. Kuta has coast line as far as 5 kilometers and has become the best coast line on Balinese island. This place is quite safe for family vacation as well due to this beach is having gentle coastline, also the shoreline is very wide with a fine white sand texture. Mostly, many tourists will do sea activities on this beach. What is the most popular sea activities do by the tourists?


Kuta is really good place for you who just begin to try the surfing activities. You can also find many people try to rent surf boards depends on the size and the quality from the board. There’s no need to worry to do surfing if you are still on beginner level at this beach. There is also option for you that this beach is providing surfing mentor for you to teach you doing surfing better and help you to break the beach waves. That’s why Kuta is being best place to do surfing even for beginners or professionals.

See sunset view

Kuta Beach

Having fun on the beach will always relate with sunrise or sunset. As we mentioned on this beginning article, Sanur is good place to see sunrise while Kuta is good place to see sunset. Most of people will walking down the beach and having drinks to enjoy the moments when the sunset’s come. And lots of surfers will take a break for doing surfing and stop to enjoying the sunset panorama around the beach. It will be perfect closing for your day, right?

Massage service around the beach

As we all know that Kuta is popular with surfing, and then there will be massage services around the beach. Usually surfers will look for this service to relax their body after finishing surfing. This massage service is not only provides to the surfers, but also to anyone who comes to the beach that having feeling tired. Local people will offering this service to the tourists by armed with a piece of mat, massage oil from coconut, mixed with salt at a rate of IDR 75,000/hour. After having this, you just need to take a bath and then sleep at your hotel well! It will be the best day you had!

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