The Longest Glass Bridge In Indonesia Is In Gianyar, Bali

Glass Bridge
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Visa Bali Info – Glass Bridge In Indonesia Is In Gianyar

Gianyar Regency currently has the longest glass bridge in Indonesia. Named the Bali Glass Bridge, it reaches a length of 188 meters with a height of 66 meters from the riverbed.

Glass Bridge Bali is a renewable tour in Bali that can provide a new sensation in testing your adrenaline tour.

Glass Bridge Bali

Glass Bridge
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Located in Gianyar Regency after a two-year development process and opened to the public, this bridge is a special attraction for tourists.

The bridge, which was built over the Petanu River, Gianyar, connects two areas, namely the Tegenungan Banjar in Kemenuh Village, Sukawati and the Blangsinga Banjar in Saba Village, Blahbatuh.

Being the longest bridge in Southeast Asia, the base of this bridge uses three layers of strong glass. With each layer having a thickness of 10 centimeters.

On either side of the bridge is fenced with iron as high as 1.5 meters with very strong iron and steel ropes hanging.

Enjoying the Beauty of Nature From Tens of Meters Altitude

Glass Bridge
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The glass bridge spanning the two villages crosses the scenic landscape. Namely the view of the Petanu River which is right under the bridge. The Petanu River is a river that stretches for 46.96 kilometers in Gianyar Regency, flowing from the Kintamani hills.

From this bridge you can also see the Tegenungan Waterfall. If tourists usually watch the waterfall from below, from this bridge you can see the view of the waterfall from above.

Test the adrenaline of crossing the bridge with the illusion of a cracked glass bridge

You will feel the sensation of walking on a cracked glass bridge, but this is only an optical illusion that is deliberately designed for you, test your guts.

Before crossing the bridge you will be given special footwear. A pair of socks to wrap your feet so they don’t slip and scratch the glass. Then, you can only pass through a magnificent gate to enter the glass floor.

When you set your foot on the glass floor, you will feel the sensation of surprise with the illusion of a cracked bridge and every step will produce the sound of glass cracking.

The capacity of the Gianyar Glass Bridge

Overall this bridge can accommodate up to 500 visitors at a time and is able to withstand a load of 40 tons.

However, this will of course still be limited and if it reaches the limit then you have to wait for your turn to cross.

Location of the Gianyar Glass Bridge

This tourist attraction is located on Jalan Ir. Sutami No.6, Kemenuh, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency.

This location is one of the entrances to the Glass Bridge, to be precise, this is the entrance on the west side.

Jembatan Kaca Sepanjang 199 Meter dengan View Air Terjun Tegenungan - FAJAR  BALI

Price of admission

The price of the Glass Bridge entrance ticket for domestic tourists costs IDR 75,000 for children and IDR 150,000 for adults.

Meanwhile, foreign tourists are charged IDR 125,000 for children and IDR 250,000 for adults.

Ticket purchases can be made at the location by showing an identity card. Bali Resident Cards (KTP) get special prices, namely IDR 50,000 for children and IDR 100,000 for adults.

Facilities and Operating Hours

For the time being the current facility has toilets and ample parking space, but in the future it has been planned that there will be a cafe and entertainment that will be displayed and this tourist attraction will be open until the evening. Operational Hours are currently open every day at 08.00-18.00 WITA.


Test your adrenaline here, by enjoying the natural beauty of Gianyar. Don’t forget to capture you in photographs while you are above the height of the Gianyar Glass Bridge.

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