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Get to know Balinese Batik and Learn about it

balinese batik
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Visa Bali Info – Balinese Batik

The beauty of the Island of the Gods is not only stunning through the view of the elongated stretch of beach with white sand.

However, the beauty of the Island of the Gods can also be lived through the handwriting that is manifested on a piece of batik.

Batik is always synonymous with Java, but in Bali there is also batik and its patterns. Even in Bali you can also learn to make batik.

Bali as one of the main destinations in Indonesia also offers various classes for making batik.

Before you take a batik class in Bali, it’s a good idea to read this article first to get to know Balinese batik.

History of Balinese Batik

At first the Balinese made batik in groups or individually with patterns handed down by their ancestors or their own creations.

So that this written Balinese batik is only developed locally and because the process is long, it cannot meet market demand.

Then, it was only in 1970 that the stamp technique with traditional or manual equipment was introduced by Pande Ketut Krisna.

So since that time, Balinese batik has grown and its production scale is even wider to meet market demand.

Characteristics of Balinese Batik

Broadly speaking, Balinese batik has the following characteristics:

  • Local patterns in the form of frangipani flowers, birds, natural scenery, fish and the daily life of Balinese people.
  • Motives of certain religious ceremonies or rituals that have become customs and cultures.
  • There are symbols of mythological creatures mentioned in local legends or myths.

Balinese Batik Has Motives and Philosophy

  1. Singo Barong
balinese batik
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This Balinese batik motif is characterized by the presence of a distinctive barong head pattern with a grin and sharp fangs.

The creepy appearance of this mythical creature named Barong, when implemented in the form of batik works, the results are beautiful and unique.

This batik motif has the meaning of strength, might and repelling bad things for the owner or wearer.

2. Batik Bouquet

balinese batik
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This type of batik is always in the form of beautiful patterns from certain flower bouquets. The variety of bouquets also varies, some are made of tiny flowers and leaves, some have large flowers and many others.

3. Balinese dancer

balinese batik
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The sharp and graceful movements of Balinese dancers full of allure, are contained in this one piece of Balinese batik cloth.

This Balinese batik is usually worn by women during traditional ceremonies or Balinese dances.

In addition, the beautiful pattern symbolizes the elegance and extraordinary thickness of Balinese tradition.

4. Ulamsari

balinese batik
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This Balinese batik motif is the presence of marine animals in it. Starting from fish, shrimp and others. Not to forget there is marine flora in the form of small leaves with cute stalks that make the motif even more sweet and unique.

This motif has the meaning of joy, the beauty of the Bali sea and also the wealth of natural resources of the maritime country.

5. Abyor Hokokai Peacock

balinese batik
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Yes, it is clear from the name alone that this batik motif is an acculturation of Japanese culture that had colonized Indonesia, in fact some are absorbed in the art of batik.

The Balinese batik motif of the abyor hokokai peacock is indeed at first glance like painting from Japan. The mixture of pastel colors and the iconic peacock ornament, perfectly blended with the leaf and stem ornaments, which embodies the natural beauty of Bali.

6. Pisan Bali (Banana Plane)

balinese batik
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Pisan batik or banana universe is one of the Balinese batik motifs which is very suitable for those of you who have a lover or partner.

This is because Balinese batik is often used as a gift to couples who will travel, in the hope that the couple will return safely.


Today, Balinese batik motifs incorporate not only Balinese-style patterns, but also designs from other regions.

There are no specific rules regarding the way craftsmen express their artistic views.

There are also many places to learn batik in Bali. They offer batik classes so you can learn and get to know Balinese batik.

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