Get Around Sanur With Electric Bikes

Electric Bike
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Visa Bali Info – Sanur With Electric Bikes

If you have plans to take a walk in Sanur, don’t worry about feeling tired while touring this area.

The Sanur area currently has many electric bicycles for rent. This will be an exciting adventure when you go to Bali.

Electric Bike Services

Electric Bike
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It seems that currently electric bicycles seem to be quite in demand by the people in Denpasar City, Bali. This can be seen from the popularity of electric bicycle rental services in the Sanur Village, South Denpasar District.

To rent an electric bicycle, you don’t need to be confused, because many residents around Sanur have rented out these electric bicycles.

You can choose which beach you want to walk on. You can try on Sanur beach, Segara Ayu beach or Karang beach.

The three locations above have many places to rent electric bicycles, no need for an auction to pedal an ordinary manual bicycle.

Rental Fees And Rental Terms

Electric Bike
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Along with the times, dipper bikes that you usually also find around Sanur for rent are now transformed into electric bicycles.

For your own rental fees, you will usually be charged a fee of approximately Rp. 30,000 – Rp. 35,000. For the conditions for renting an electric bicycle, you will be required to leave an identity card in the form of a KTP or SIM.

Meanwhile, for foreign tourists, it is enough to mention where they are staying. This electric bicycle service is usually open from 06.00 to 20.00 WITA.

Electric Bike Operation

Electric Bike
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You don’t need to worry about operating this electric bike because it’s not that difficult, because the way to use it is the same as using an ordinary automatic motorbike.

One electric bicycle can be used for four hours with a distance of 32 kilometers, with an example route for example if you head north to Segara Ayu Beach or head south to Duyung Beach then return to the starting point.

Or you can route north to Sindu Beach or south to Mertasari Beach then return to the starting point.

Passed Road Facilities

Electric Bike
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The road facilities along the coast when you pass based on the route you are interested in cycling are quite comfortable and safe.

Along Sanur Beach, special sidewalks are available for people who cycle, so it’s safer than having to go out on the main road.

So it is recommended for visitors to only pass along the beach, for the sake of shared comfort while on vacation.

Places to Rent Electric Bikes On Site

When you are at Karang Sanur Beach, you can rent an electric bike at the “Happy Bar” stall, rental prices start from IDR 35,000/hour for local tourists and IDR 50,000/hour for foreign tourists. Even this rental price will increase depending on the length of time you rent.

Or you can rent it from residents around Sanur who offer a lot of electric bicycle rentals, for a price range in the range of Rp. 30,000/hour – Rp. 35,000/hour.

Actually, it’s not just the place to rent electric bicycles above. You can open the Instagram social media page and then write the hashtag for rent an electric bike in Sanur, then you will find lots of places to rent according to what you want.


Trying new things while on vacation will make your vacation memorable with beautiful moments with family, friends and loved ones.

You can also choose the option of cycling, you still want to use pedal bikes, there are still many who rent them out. It depends on how you want to enjoy sightseeing in Sanur.

Go around Sanur on an electric bicycle or a pedal bike, enjoy the beach breeze, then stop for a moment to rest by enjoying local specialties. Don’t forget to take photos and save them on your social media pages, explore memorable holidays..

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