Fun Holidays With Antique Cars – VW Safari on the Island of the Gods

Visa Bali Info-VW Safari

The natural beauty and unique culture of the community are the main attraction so that they become the prima donna of Indonesian tourism.

The Island of the Gods or familiarly called Bali is an attractive destination to spend vacation time.

If you think that traveling around the island of Bali is no different from traveling in other places, try exploring it by driving a VW Safari because you will get another sensation.

For the choice of VW Safari, it’s actually not only a VW Safari, but there are also VW Combos and VW Frogs.

The above options for traveling around the island of Bali are more interested in VW Safari, this is because the open car roof makes you more free to enjoy the trip.

VW Safari
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The VW (Volkswagen) Safari Car at a Glance

The history of the birth of this VW Safari car was used for the military, the doors are made of steel which is easy to disassemble as well as the hood and front door of the vehicle which is very easy to fold.

The interior itself is very simple but functional so that it gives a different feel for the driver and passengers.

Even though the VW Safari car in Bali is not quite rare, the existence of these vehicles is quite minimal.

It is understandable that the VW safari, which was produced in Germany for civil society in the 1960s, only entered Indonesia between 1973–1980.

This VW safari car at that time was only used by government officials like the Camat as an official vehicle.

Because this VW Safari is considered tough enough to explore areas that lack facilities and some of these vehicles are still around and well maintained until now in Bali.

This VW Safari car, indeed proved to be very tough to explore all terrains, although not the type of car for off road, this vehicle was also used by the German army as a light transport in the 2nd world war.

Tour in Bali with VW Safari

VW Safari
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For those of you who have an adventurous spirit and want to feel the sensation of a more fun trip and feel more at one with nature, of course you can enjoy a tour with a VW safari car like this.

This VW safari tour on the island of Bali using a VW safari car is certainly not in demand by many people, those who are used to air-conditioned vehicles, sitting in soft chairs, vehicles that are not noisy, will not choose this VW Safari for sightseeing. tours.

This Volkswagen VW Safari type is indeed unique and rare but has a powerful engine, so for certain people, being able to feel the sensation of touring in Bali with this vehicle can be a pleasant tourist experience.

VW Safari Car Rental Places That Might Be Your Reference

  • Four Points Hotel by Sheraton Bali

Guests can visit various selected tourist destinations that have been provided by the hotel using this classic car manufacturer from Germany.

For the most popular route, Ubud usually sees the rice fields, then continues to the monkey forest. Or you can ask Uluwatu to see the sunset there while eating at Jimbaran.

For the duration of time, usually one short distance trip takes six hours, while for long distances it can take up to ten hours of land travel.

Estimated average cost of Rp. 900 thousand to Rp 1 million, for the maximum capacity of 3 people should be.

  • Ubud VW Tour

Not much different from the VW Safari which is rented out by four point by sheraton bali, the trip can also be requested according to you.

To rent a German car manufacturer, this can be on a large scale, for example, you want to go with a group of friends or relatives.

For the duration of time, it also adapts to you and for the capacity of people, it is only recommended that a maximum of 3 people fit the seat belt.

Estimated costs range from Rp. 800,000 for domestic to Rp. 900,000, – good for traveling around the Ubud area or in the city of Bali.

It’s not fun when you are on vacation in Bali, hopefully the reference places and information about the VW Safari above can really help you in planning your vacation later. Happy holiday to the island of the Gods, gusy..


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