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Fun Hangout at Mirror Lounge and Club Seminyak

Visa Bali Info – Mirror Lounge and Club Seminyak

Bali is famous for its many beautiful beaches, challenging surf spots, seafood, and various exotic temples. In addition, Bali’s nightlife is no less exciting.

When you are in the Seminyak area, there is nothing wrong with visiting a hangout with nightlife after a day of spending time exploring tourist attractions in Bali.

Bali’s nightlife is no less exciting. Cool bars and nightclubs are scattered everywhere in Bali with their respective advantages.

In Seminyak itself, there are interesting places for unique nightlife that are worth a visit and suitable as a place to hang out.

Mirror Lounge
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Mirror Lounge And Club

Mirror Lounge and Bar is indeed a cool bar and has a classic interior, almost all of the interiors here are black.

Entering the club, you will be presented with a very unique building interior design, namely by carrying a gothic theme that has a mysterious and haunted impression.

If you have ever watched the Harry Potter film which is a film about a magical school called Hogwarts.

You will be reminded of the inside of Hogwarts castle because the interior of the room is very similar to the main hall of the Hogwarts wizarding school, as in the film this Hogwarts wizarding school is located in a large and magnificent castle with a mix of classic and luxurious interiors.

Mirror Lounge And Club Design

mirror lounge and club
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The impression of luxury radiates from the inside of the building, which resembles a cathedral in a gothic style, characterized by high ceilings.

Inside there is also a chandelier installed so that at first glance the design resembles ancient buildings in medieval European countries.

The walls are made of natural stone decorated with windows that have classic patterned glass that form leaf cones. Then at the top covered by transparent glass with a black iron support.

Mirror Bali has a black leather sofa that can add to your comfort when hanging out with friends.

Become a Prewedding Photo Spot

Another interesting thing is that this place is used as a photo spot for those who want to do pre-wedding photos.

Since this place has a charming classic theme, don’t be surprised if there are many couples who take pre-wedding photos here because the atmosphere is very romantic.

There are so many photogenic corners, starting from the front entrance to having an owl statue.

Then there is also a spot on the top floor which is connected by two circular stairs whose front is similar to the stairs of a fairy-tale palace.

Classy Nightlife

Mirror Lounge
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This place is probably the only place that can pamper you at night because in addition to performances from professional DJs here you will also find acrobatic acts from professional acrobats during the DJ show.

Here featuring national and international class DJs who will play house and dance music in the room.

Menus Available at Mirror Lounge And Club

Here not only serves alcoholic drinks, if you want you can choose soft drinks or juices that can be directly requested.

The food menu is classy and guaranteed to be luxurious. Such as Escargot, Salad, and various kinds of luxurious Cake.

Mirror Lounge And Club Location

Mirror Bali is located at Jalan Petitenget No. 106, Seminyak-North Kuta, Bali. This place is open only every Tuesday to Saturday from 23.00 to 03.00. While on Mondays this place is closed.

If you want to go to Mirror Lounge Club Seminyak, from Kuta Beach it takes about 23 minutes or the equivalent of 7.4 km of travel distance. Or from Ngurah Rai Airport it takes about 34 minutes or the same as 12 Km travel distance.

This instagramable place is very interesting for you to post on your Instagram feed. Don’t forget to invite your friends to have fun hanging out here.

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