The Most Complete Orchid Flower Garden in Bali, Bali Orchid Garden

Bali Orchid Garden
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Visa Bali Info – Bali Orchid Garden

For those of you who have a penchant for orchids, in Bali there is the most complete orchid garden with all kinds.

Has a collection of hundreds of types of beautiful orchid plants. You feel like you’re in heaven when you come to this place.

Various Collections of Orchid Flowers

Bali Orchid Garden
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This orchid garden began to be developed in 1998 as a natural tourist destination in Bali. Until 1999, this orchid garden was officially opened by PT. New Orchid.

This orchid garden has 820 types of orchid plants typical of Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and other countries.

There are at least 500 types of orchid plants, 200 types of expensive ornamental plants such as heliconia and ginger, and 120 types of bromeliads originating from abroad.

Balinese Nuance

When you visit this orchid garden, you will not miss the Balinese atmosphere. At the gate, when you first enter the parking lot, you will find statues of Lord Vishnu and Brahma.

Then, when you are accompanied by guides, the guides here all wear Balinese traditional clothing.

Shade House Area

Shade House is a unique dome-shaped building with Balinese architecture. This unique building has a function as a place to put plants that can’t stand the heat of the sun and don’t need too much sun, so they are protected from direct sunlight.

In this area, you will find plants of the Ground Orchid, Black Orchid, Ascocenda, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis, and so on.

Best Photo Spot

Bali Orchid Garden
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Of course, this orchid garden will be the best photo spot location, but that doesn’t mean you choose a photo location carelessly. This is so as not to damage the orchid plants that have been planted.

Usually the guides will swiftly help visitors who want to take pictures, even the most beautiful tour guides usually find photo backgrounds with good angles so that the photo results are maximized.

There is a Garden Café

Bali Orchid Garden
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After getting tired of walking around seeing various types of orchid plants, you can stop by to quench your thirst and hunger at this orchid garden cafe.

Various menus of food and dishes at this Taman cafe range from Indonesian food, western food, satay, seafood, and so on. You can adjust your budget when choosing the food menu at this cafe.

Souvenir Shop and Flower Seed Kio’s

In this souvenir shop, there are typical souvenirs in the form of brooches, which are preserved orchid flower petals, and perfume, which is the result of the distillation of certain types of orchid flowers that give off a fragrant aroma.

Visiting the Bali Orchid Garden is not complete if you don’t bring home orchid seeds. Orchid flower seeds are packaged in sterile bottles that can be exported to other countries.

Bali Orchid Garden Entrance Ticket Prices

Bali Orchid Garden
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The price of admission to this park area is IDR 30,000 per person for local Balinese residents, IDR 60,000 per person for residents outside Bali. For foreign nationals, an entrance fee of Rp. 100,000 per person is required.

With the price of the entrance ticket, each visitor will get a free welcome drink in the form of a fresh and cold herbal drink.

Location and Hours of Operation Bali Orchid Garden

Address : Ngurah Rai Bypass Street Number 21X, Tohpati, Kec. Denpasar Team., Denpasar City, Bali 80237

Operational Hours: Every day, 08.00 – 18.00 WITA


Don’t forget to visit the most complete orchid garden in Bali. The Bali Orchid Garden is perfect for those of you who want to relax and take time to relax your mind while enjoying the panorama of charming orchid flowers of various types.

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