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Fingerprint Painting by I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan

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Visa Bali Info – Fingerprint Painting by I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan

If you know Bali further, Bali is also a place where artists gather. Like their home work and work.

Their expertise in creating works of art is not uncommon because they have artistic blood from a young age.

Dance, sculpture, music, painting and so on, even in Bali, these arts can become a source of livelihood.

This time we will discuss painting, where Bali has painters who are known to be unique in their work. Who is he? See our review below.

I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan

Born on July 4, 1936 in a Pemecutan Castle, I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan who was later called Ngurah. Ngurah received high school education and then graduated in 1959.

Previously worked at the Balitex textile company and then moved to PT. USINDO Denpasar Branch, which is now the PN Cipta Niaga after being the state-owned Jaya Bhakti.

At the state-owned company Jaya Bhakti Ngurah, he was assigned the task of collecting and selecting Balinese arts and crafts such as paintings and sculptures for export.

In line with his work, Ngurah also had a great influence on sculpture craftsmen in Kemenuh, Batuan, Sumampan and Mas. This was because at that time Ngurah was in charge of bringing in eben wood to introduce it to the craftsmen.

Has an Interest in Painting Since Childhood

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Ever since he was a child his talent for painting was already visible. Little Ngurah started by being self-taught and diligently experimenting.

Until 1963 Ngurah began to paint in a modern way by continuing to develop his forms and painting techniques.

Fingerprint Painting Technique

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An artist in his work will certainly have his own unique work in creating a work of art.

The painting maestro I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan is no exception. In fact, his work has a characteristic that is difficult to find in the works of other painters, namely painting with fingerprints.

I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan became the first and arguably the only painter who succeeded in developing a painting technique using fingerprints.

The technique of painting with fingerprints was actually discovered by I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan by accident.

Starting from working on a painting of a line dance, the unfinished painting annoyed him and he then tried to damage the painting by pressing his fingers full of paint to the surface of the canvas.

After being abandoned for some time, I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan contemplated the painting and inspired himself to make a painting using his index finger.

Then the initial inspiration gave birth to an authentic work of art by I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan, on April 9, 1967 to be precise.


The painting technique developed by I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan belongs to pointillism. It’s just that, most of the painters of this genre still use a brush as a painting tool.

Meanwhile, I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan’s work was made using his index finger and only used basic colors.

The color gradations in the painting are produced from a combination of many fingerprint points, so that the process also requires a high degree of patience and accuracy.

Fingerprint Painting Museum

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You can see I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan fingerprint paintings at the Fingerprint Painting Museum which is located at Jalan Hayam Wuruk no. 175, Denpasar.

The collection of I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan’s paintings highlights many of the uniqueness of his works, which are composed of dots that form a complete unity of painting.

In addition to the collection of fingerprint paintings, in the first two segments of the exhibition space, you can see I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan’s early works before the discovery phase of the fingerprint technique.

Aside from being a painter, I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan is also a poet. Many of his poems use simple language, but have deep meanings.

Some of these poems are immortalized in the form of inscribed stone inscriptions which are also on display in this museum.

However, these poems are also collected into a book, with the hope that they will serve as inspiration for generations to come.


When you visit the fingerprint museum, you will not only see I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan’s paintings.

The museum also holds dance and painting classes for children and youth. So when you come here you have nothing to lose because you will get knowledge about the world of art.

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