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Filling Vacation Time With Picnics at Bedugul Agro Tourism

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Visa Bali Info  – Agro Puncak Bukit Catu is a place for family and group recreation to hold activities.

The Bedugul area of ​​Bali which is famous for its lakes and temples on the shores of the lake and its botanical gardens is indeed a tourist attraction that is famous for being cool, always tempting to visit.

Agro Bali tourism is a plantation with the concept of natural beauty and various kinds of herbal products. This area is located between Kintamani and Tirta Empul, Tampak Siring.

Picnic will be a fun thing for you to do with your family, friends and friends.

It’s not wrong to just heal yourself after a long time facing busy city activities.

Peak Bukit Lestari Agro Bedugul

Bedugul Hilltop Agro is a recreation area with an outdoor concept complete with various game facilities and a camping ground area.

The agro-tourism of Puncak Bukit Catu Bedugul offers many things, such as adventure tours with ATV rides, challenging flying fock games and also campgrounds which are an attractive offer when you want to enjoy a vacation to quiet, comfortable places with beautiful nature.

The Right Location For A Picnic

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The natural beauty and cool air here is definitely the right place to align your energy to come back fresher.

Because this hilly area is quite sloping, therefore the management has changed this place to be terraced like a terraced system.

The spacious place, fresh air, and beautiful scenery make Agro Puncak Bukit Lestari as one of the picnic spots in Bali.

Facilities provided by Puncak Bukit Lestari Bedugul Agro

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  • Dome tent for four people
  • sleeping bag
  • Mattress
  • Two bunches of firewood
  • Bathroom
  • The supervisors are always on guard so that the security of this area is guaranteed.

Activities That Can Be Done at Puncak Bukit Lestari Bedugul Agro

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Here there are many activities that you can do with family or friends, such as; fishing, boat ride, cycling, flying fox, ATV ride, paintball etc.

For the children here, you also don’t have to worry if the children will feel bored, because here also provides specially made kids zone facilities, such as; Play mazes, feed rabbits and ride horses.

Location and Hours of Operation

Address :

Banjar Bukit Catu, Candikuning, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency, Bali.


Operational hour :

Open every day at 08.00-16.00 WITA.

Price : Around Rp. 400,000,-


Enjoying a vacation with family with a picnic theme will give a special impression for you with your family and even with friends.

Vacations are not only about spending time in luxury, sometimes it is enough to gather with family and friends under a starry sky and accompanied by a bonfire, leaving sweet memories while on vacation.

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