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Fabulous Tourist Destination in Kuta Bali

kuta baliGeneral Information about Kuta Bali

Visa Bali – Most of people who have holidays at Bali Island are interesting to visit Kuta as well. Kuta is beach and resort area located at the south part of balinese island. Kuta belongs to the one of the most famous tourism area as tourist destination. The beautiful white sands beach enhanced with waves that suitable for doing surfing, also this area having beautiful scenery of sunset makes this place more perfect to become your holidays destination at bali island.

In Kuta you can find rent surfboard rental services and also offers surfing lessons for people who wants to learn surfing. Besides beaches, you can also find so many options of hotel and resort around Kuta starts from cheap to expensive that having near location with beach side of Kuta Bali. Finding culinary in kuta is also not a hard thing, so many restaurants you can find during your holidays in here. At night, you can still enjoy your holidays in kuta because this place having popular beach club and bar.

Tourist Destination at Kuta Bali

To know what tourism object in Kuta is, we have collected information for you

Bali Waterbom Kuta

Waterbom Kuta is a water park that provides many water rides, slides that very exciting and makes you enjoy your vacation in Kuta Bali in one place within one day. Waterbom kuta is the biggest water park in balinese island which is provides best service and facility of water park in Indonesia. This location is really strategic reminding that this place is pretty close with Discovery Shopping Mall.

Kuta Theatre

If you and your family looking for entertain at night, this place might be the good answer. Kuta theatre is a place for enjoying art of theatre that combined with illusions. There will be actors and magicians who are playing magic attractions and perfected with the story done by the actors.

Circus Waterpark Bali

Circus waterpark bali is almost same with waterbom kuta, but this place is smaller compare to waterbom kuta. If you and your family wants to have holidays in waterpark with cheapest entry fee in Kuta Bali, and then circus waterpark is one of the answer.

Joger Kuta Bali

Most of local or domestic tourist that having holidays at bali island always taking time to stop at Joger Kuta Bali for buying gifts for their beloved friends or family. This place is having gifts in Bali’s typical that you can’t found in another place in Indonesia, you have to visit Bali if you’d like to have this kind of gifts.

kuta baliKuta Beach

Kuta beach is the most popular destination in bali island. The coastline of Kuta is very gentle and having white brass sand with a good sand texture. Most of the tourists who have vacation in Kuta beach Bali will do swimming, surfing, and sitting relaxed on the beach.


5GX Bali Reverse Bungy

There is new tourism destination located on the street of legian kuta beach. It is called 5GX bali reverse bungy. This new destination shall make your adrenaline stimulated. When you ride the Bali 5GX, you will be taken to fly about 50 meters with a very high launch speed of about 200 meters. If you people who loves activity with stimulates adrenaline, you should try this one!

Dream Museum Zone Kuta

Besides Ubud bali, there is museum destination in Kuta Bali. Dream museum zone kuta is 3D museum. People who have vacation in DMZ Bali usually are family tourists, especially those who have holidays in Bali with children. The main goal to have vacation at Dream Museum Zone Kuta Bali is you can take photos with 3D painting backgrounds.

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