Exploring Indonesia in One Day at Taman Nusa Bali

Taman Nusa
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Visa Bali Info – Exploring Indonesia in One Day at Taman Nusa Bali

Have you ever thought about going around Indonesia in one day, but don’t think about using the passage of time to get through it.

Then how do you get around Indonesia in a short time? All you have to do is come to Taman Nusa Bali or also commonly called Taman Culture Bali.

In Taman Nusa, you will find many miniatures of Indonesia in various buildings typical of each region. Listen!

Nusa Bali Park or Bali Culture Park

Taman Nusa
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Opened to the public in July 2013, Taman Nusa has more than 60 traditional houses, some of which are hundreds of years old. These buildings stand firmly on an area of ​​10 hectares.

In a sense Taman Nusa is a cultural tourism park that provides thorough knowledge about the culture of various Indonesian ethnicities in the natural atmosphere of the island of Bali.

In this park you will find many things related to culture in Indonesia such as traditional houses and even the Borobudur temple building in miniature.

Around Indonesia in One Day

Taman Nusa
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When you are at Taman Nusa, it is as if you are invited to go around Indonesia in one day. Starting from prehistoric times to modern times today.

Prehistoric Age

In this prehistoric era, every building that was drawn and built had a spatial layout with primitive natural designs and you will see a spatial layout that resembles the Bronze Age.

Kingdom Age

Taman Nusa
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In this section, the most prominent part is that there is a small replica of the Borobudur temple and with the spatial concept of the ancient Indonesian kingdoms.

Culture Village

In the Cultural Village area, you can see 60 houses with traditional ethnic designs from tribes in Indonesia.

Here you will not only see 60 traditional ethnic houses, but you will also be presented with the arts and culture of each tribe.

Early Indonesian

When you enter the Early Indonesia themed area, you will see a statue of Patih Gajah Mada, a replica of the Trowulan temple and a gate with a depiction of the youth oath.

Indonesia Age of Independence

You will see the concept of the era of independence with the statue of Indonesian proclaimer Soekarno and Hatta.

Modern Indonesia

In Modern Indonesia, there are three-dimensional miniatures (dioramas) in the form of miniature trains. There are more than 50 types of miniature locomotives equipped with passenger cars and freight cars. Miniature trains are controlled automatically through a computer program.

Future Indonesia

In this future-themed area there is a library and three museums that display Indonesia’s cultural heritage, such as: wayang, batik, weaving and embroidery in an amazing way.

Taman Nusa

There is an ethnographic museum, in this area there are quite interesting puppet-themed paintings. Its name is Painting Panji, a wayang painting that turns into a contemporary painting when exposed to UV light.

There is a Smartaudio Guide

There are facilities that will help you while exploring this park. There is information that can be heard through the smart audio guide.

Interestingly, this sophisticated guide is available in several languages, namely Indonesian, Mandarin, and English. So you guys, it will be more comfortable to explore Taman Nusa without worrying about being confused about what’s in front of you.

Facilities at Taman Nusa

Taman Nusa
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Taman Nusa properly provides supporting facilities such as;

  • Auditorium
  • Restaurant
  • International Standard
  • Cafeteria
  • Exhibition room
  • souvenir shop
  • Indonesian Restaurant
  • Studio
  • Spacious Parking Location

Location and Hours of Operation

Address :

Jalan Taman Bali – Banjarangkan, Banjar Blahpane Kelod, Sidan Village, Gianyar – Bali

Operational hour :

Every day 09.00 – 17.00 WITA.

Taman Nusa is perfect for visiting with family, especially children where you can explain how Indonesia has so many different cultures.

From the variety of cultures, it can teach them to respect each other and respect every human being.

So schedule a visit to Taman Nusa when you go to Bali.

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