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Exploring Bali’s Legendary Culinary

Bali’s Legendary Culinary –

With a million charms of natural beauty that are so exotic, Bali is known as the Paradise Island, with various forms of tourism and cultural diversity. The diversity of forms of tourism has given rise to a variety of sparkling hotels, resorts, art houses, restaurants, cafes, clubs, and others. Visiting Bali doesn’t feel right if you don’t discuss Balinese culinary specialties. There are many legendary culinary delights that you can taste; there’s nothing wrong with going on a culinary tour, right? Come on, we will take you to some of Bali’s legendary menu offerings. 

Betutu duck 

Bali's Legendary Culinary
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The first legendary culinary preparation that is so unique to Bali is betutu; betutu itself is not the name of a menu dish but a way of cooking from this culinary preparation itself. The most legendary is the betutu duck menu, which is cooked whole and its stomach filled with various spices and seasonings, then wrapped in banana leaves or areca leaves and baked. The process of roasting it using hot coals from the husk fire, can take up to a day and a night to ripen. The main ingredients of this legendary menu do not only apply to ducks, but also other poultry. The taste of this betutu duck is savory and spicy. 

Sate Lilit 

Bali's Legendary Culinary

Next, there is the legend menu, which almost everyone tasted while in Bali or outside Bali. This menu is not like satay in general, the meat that is processed into sate lilit is attached so that it sticks to the skewers, which are made from bamboo stalks or lemon grass stalks. The type of meat for Balinese sate lilit itself uses animal meat ranging from chicken, beef, pork, and mackerel.

Bebek Timbungan

Bali's Legendary Culinary
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Bebek timbungan is a culinary classic that is truly legendary. Starting rare, the duck is covered with spices for at least 4 hours, after which it is steamed for at least 8 hours. The length of the cooking process is due to using old duck, so it takes a long time for the meat to infuse with spices and become tender. 


Bali's Legendary Culinary
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For some tourists who want to try it, it might be normal. However, there are some Muslim tourists who cannot taste this culinary legend. However, the main ingredient can be replaced with wild duck meat (kuwir) to taste this unique culinary delight. This Balinese food is a mixture of minced meat with various vegetables, such as long beans, seasoned with grated coconut and spices. 

Plecing satay 

Bali's Legendary Culinary
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Go to the Singaraja area, and you will find this legendary special dish. Plecing satay is usually served when there is a family celebration. The satay dish is complemented by plecing sambal, which tastes spicy, savory, and fresh and sour. 


Like refreshing dishes, komoh is a dish in the form of a soup filled with meat. The meat used can come from chicken, duck,  or pork. Sometimes, these foods can also contain animal offal and skin.

Jukut Ares 

Processed with genep base or big base in the form of Balinese spices. This one food is made from banana stems and then sliced thin, with a filling added with other ingredients such as chicken, duck, or pork. 

Tipat Cantok 

Like the gado-gado dish in general, this tipat is made from ketupat, then long beans, kale, and cucumber, then doused with peanut sauce, which was previously kneaded first (uleg in Balinese, namely cantok).

Tipat blayag 

Ketupat is served with a sauce made from processed rice flour and Balinese spices. This food is often served with urap vegetables, sisit chicken, chicken feet, soybeans, and chicken skin crackers. The texture of the sauce looks similar to thick coconut milk. 

Rujak Bulung and Kuah Pindang 

Bulung, or boni type seaweed, is the main ingredient in this typical Balinese food. The composition of the rujak stuffing consists of seaweed (bulung), young mango, bengkoang, and kedondong, topped with a spicy gravy, then doused with tuna fish gravy. 


The dishes above are legendary classics in Bali. You can try tasting this cuisine while in Bali to enrich the flavors on your tongue.

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