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Visa Bali Info – Extreme and Challenging Tours

Bali does not only provide interesting tourist spots to enjoy the beauty of art born from its culture.

To complement your tour in Bali, Bali also offers several tours that can test your adrenaline.

Especially for those of you who really like adventure tourism, here we share some extreme and challenging tourism activities for you adventurers.

Flying with Paragliding in Timbis

Extreme and Challenging Tours
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Flying over the Timbis hill, circling to the exotic stretch of white sand coastline, the waves typical of the Indian Ocean coast, the splendor of the steep hills covered with green trees, even the beautiful Uluwatu Temple complex is caught full of charm.

If you have guts in the heights, you can fly alone. But if you are still afraid to fly alone, here you can fly in tandem or you can fly with a professional companion that has been provided.

The best time to do paragliding or paragliding is when the sun is about to set. Bukit Timbis seems to get prettier from a height when it is accompanied by a sunset against the beach below.

Extreme and Challenging Tours Rafting at Telaga Waja

Extreme and Challenging Tours
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Has grade III – IV which means that the flow of this river is swift and has large rapids. With a track that must be taken as far as 16 km, by rafting.

The distance you have to travel is about 2.5 hours. Even tourists will also pass a track in the form of a waterfall on this river.

The best time to try rafting at Telaga Waja is between September and January. This month has a fairly high rainfall, so the water discharge is even greater.

Water Tubing in Payangan

Extreme and Challenging Tours
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This is included in extreme sports, almost the same as rafting. The difference is that if rafting is filled by 5 to 3 people in one tire, this water tubing is only loaded by 1 or 2 people.

Interestingly, the terrain that you will encounter along the Payangan river is very beautiful, resembling a natural sliding track and several narrow currents to traverse.

The fast river current is also often effective in making the heart beat faster. With some locations that are quite narrow and have fast currents, prepare your guts to try this natural vehicle.

Riding ATV

Extreme and Challenging Tours
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In the Gianyar Bali area, there are several tour operators that offer adventure tour packages in the form of ATVs.

You will be invited to explore Bali’s nature by passing through rice fields, forests with muddy tracks, rivers, and ending the trip at Keramas Beach.

With tracks along the weeds and flowing rivers, slippery rocks accompanied by fairly swift water currents.

Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes, because after an adventure, the condition of your previous clothes will prove that your adventure is really exciting.

Try Diving at Manta Point

Extreme and Challenging Tours
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The best spot for diving in Bali is on the island of Nusa Penida, namely Manta Point. This diving point is very interesting because you can find many manta rays swimming around these waters throughout the year.

Manta rays are a type of fish that are very friendly to divers. If you are lucky you will also find sunfish.

Climb Mount Batur

Extreme and Challenging Tours
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Although this mountain climbing route is suitable for beginners, this mountain with an altitude of 1,717 meters above sea level has quite steep, rocky and slippery tracks.

It takes approximately 2.5 hours to explore this one mountain. For beginners, 2.5 hours will seem longer, even so, the beauty of Mount Batur when you reach the top will forget all your fatigue.


How ? Are you challenged enough with the challenging activities above, obviously this will be your different and exciting vacation.

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