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Explore Bali Underwater with Odyssey Submarine

Odyssey Submarine
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Visa Bali Info – Odyssey Submarine

It is not uncommon for most tourists who come to Bali to bring their families and children with them.

Bali is not only enjoyed by adults who want to spend their honeymoon or even just healing after being tired from work.

Many tourist destinations are friendly and suitable for children in Bali. Starting from the zoo, Waterbom, even a cafe to a child-friendly restaurant.

Have you ever heard of Odyssey Submarine? If not, check out our review below. Odyssey Submarine will be one of your favorite places while on vacation in Bali.

Odyssey Submarine Bali

Odyssey Submarine
Ig by @odysubbali

Odyssey Submarine is a recreational tour in the form of a submarine which is the only one in Indonesia today, precisely in Bali.

The beauty of Bali’s underwater nature at first, you can follow this natural beauty with diving activities.

Diving activities in Bali are known as Bali Scuba Dive. But for those of you who don’t have the ability to swim and want to see the beauty of the underwater world, Bali has an underwater tourism submarine.

This underwater submarine is called the Odyssey Submarine, this submarine is also the only recreational submarine in Indonesia. This submarine can be enjoyed by all ages.

Odyssey Submarine Ship Operation

Odyssey Submarine

The Odyssey Submarine operates on battery power and can accommodate a maximum of 36 passengers.

The Odyssey Submarine weighs 72.6 tons and has a carrying capacity of only 3.5 tons, this is why to maintain the safety of every passenger before entering the ship’s room it is mandatory to weigh them first.

Odyssey Submarine in the cabin is equipped with air conditioning, this will make you and your family stay comfortable while on a tour.

Odyssey Submarine is capable of diving to a depth of 45 meters. But the submarine Odyssey rarely dives to a depth of 45 meters, only up to 30 meters. The goal is for passenger safety.

For your information, the sea depth of 30 meters can only be passed and traversed by professional divers. So you will be able to see the colorful underwater scenery like a professional diver.

When in an emergency the ship can float to the surface quickly.

Odyssey Submarine Amuk Bay

Why Submarine Amuk Bay ? Because the Odyssey Submarine diving activity takes place in the eastern Bali area, namely precisely on the coast of Labuhan Amuk, Manggis, Karangasem Regency.

Labuhan Amuk Beach is very famous among foreign tourists with the name Amuk Bay Karangasem, therefore this Odyssey Submarine tourist activity is also often referred to as Odyssey Submarine Amuk Bay.

Odyssey Submarine in its diving activities chose a location in Amuk Bay Karangasem because the sea trough here is very deep. In addition to the deep sea trough here also has an amazingly beautiful underwater beauty.

Odyssey Submarine Dive Schedule

Odyssey Submarine has five dive schedules for tourists in one day, but these five schedules are only available during busy tourist visits to Bali.

Many visits to Bali, for example, Eid holidays, school holidays, Christmas and year-end holidays.

Existing time schedules such as;

  • 09:30 WITA
  • 10:30 WITA
  • 11:30 WITA
  • 12:30 pm
  • 13:30 WITA

Keep in mind that the schedule above is in accordance with the number of visits.

Price of Tour with Odyssey Submarine

Odyssey Submarine
Ig by @odysubbali

Adult Submarine IDR 595 thousand

Children’s Submarine IDR 430 thousand

Submarine infant Rp 110 thousand

Family package IDR 1.880 million

*Prices are subject to change at any time

Facilities Provided by Odyssey Submarine

The price given is not cheap, but according to what you get. Here are some of the facilities that will be obtained.

  • Shuttle pick & drop transportation according to the selected area
  • welcome drink
  • 1 time diving
  • Have lunch
  • Coffee, tea and drinking water
  • Diving certificate from Odyssey Submarine
  • Safety insurance

Ticket Terms and Conditions

You should also note in ordering Odyssey Submarine tickets:

  • Minimum order must be two people
  • Cancellations or not showing up on the day of booking will be subject to a 100 percent cencellation fee
  • Maximum insurance cover IDR 1.5 million per person
  • The family package is valid for two adults and two children under 12 years old
  • The ticket price is for one person, except for the family package

Well, don’t let you miss this one recreation when you are on vacation in Bali.

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