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Exciting Vacation Activities On Menjangan Island

Visa4Bali – Menjangan Island. Now let’s discuss about place located near with Bali island that we called Menjangan island. If you have time to visit bali island, that’s not a bad idea to take a time to stop at this island as well. As people knew, Bali has so many things to offer such beaches, mountain, green scenery, arts, cultures and also sea activities. In Menjangan island, you can also find some of those activities but in different nuance.

Menjangan Island Locations

menjangan island

This is small island and located on the northeast of West Bali National Park and separated by the ocean from Bali island. Due to menjangan island having different location with Bali island, you need to use boat to cross. Most of the tourists who’d like to visit menjangan island will stop to the port of Labuan Lalang & Pemuteran, and it will take about 30 minutes to reach there. Surrounding the Labuan Lalang port, you can find place that rent out the snorkeling and diving tools.

Price for renting a motorized boat in Labuan Lalang is around IDR 550,000/boat. But for the entrance ticket, the prices are varied, you can ask our help to complete your needs to get you here. We will help you with your accommodations, your document needed, and entrance ticket also guides to explore this island. Due to domestic and foreign tourists have different rules of entering this island, it is better to ask our help to bring you here!

What can you do on Menjangan Island

Menjangan island is unique island that having a lot of sea activities you can try. Besides the sea activities, here we also inform you other things you can do in this island

menjangan island

  1. Good place for diving

    There are some spots for doing diving in this island. The first one is Secret Bay. This bay having 10 meters depth and it will show you so many kinds of fishes and Coral reefs in there. If you’d like to go to the place deeper depth, try Anchor Wreck. This place having 45 meters depth, and you can find there is a sinking Dutch shipwreck. And the most popular spot is Eel Hardens that located in the west side of the island, people said that this was the best place to do diving.

  2. Interesting snorkeling place

    You can also do snorkeling in Menjangan island, even for beginner or professional. The water is not too cold, it made you’ll forget how long you’ve been done snorkeling. In addition, the clarity of water here also makes it easier to see fishes and coral reefs more clearly.

  3. Found many temples/pura

    You can find a lot of temples in this island, local people called them Pura. The historical temples you may found in this island are such Great Pagoda of Goddess Kwan In, Pendhopo Idha Bathara, Pura Taman, Pura Sanghiang, and also Ganesha Statue Temple. Due to there are no electric power on these temples, please come only on saturday and sunday to see the Hinduism doing their praying.

  4. Uninhabited Island

    You can only found deer in this island. And for your information, name of Menjangan is taken from these area of deer. Their existence is almost extinct, and because of that this island is preserve these rare animals so that they are maintained and preserved.

  5. You can see Bali starling flocks

    Other things you can enjoy in this island is seeing Bali starling flocks. This bird is protected on this area by the governments.

Those activities above you can find in Menjangan island. This island is still having less visitors, so you can enjoy the beauty of them with no crowd. The cost for having holidays here is quite cheap as well.

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