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Exciting Things About Pura Besakih of Bali Island

pura besakihGeneral Information of Pura Besakih

Bali Visa Tourism is not always about having fun. If you just imagine that having holidays and having fun in Bali island are about playing at beach, looking for sunrise or sunset, or doing sea activities that you could be wrong. There are also a lot of people coming to Bali island wanting to know the cultures and arts. There’s some way to learn about balinese cultures and arts for you who wants to know about them. One of the most interesting traditional and sacred place in Balinese island is Pura Besakih. Indonesian people called them pura, but foreigners tourist can call them temple. This temple belongs to the most visited tourist spot in Bali.

It is not secret anymore that Pura Besakih having thick Balinese atmosphere perfected with beautiful temple architecture that inviting amazing feeling from people who visits this place. For your information, this temple is having another 18 companion temples with Penataran Agung Temple as the largest, maybe this the reason why Besakih Temple known as the largest temple in Indonesia. Before its became temple, this place turns out a jungle and then built by a Hinduism religious leader in India who lived in Javanese island. This temple located at foot of the highest mountain of Bali, precisely in Besakih Village, Rendang District, Karangasem Regency, Bali. Before you will visit this temple, it is better to know what exciting things from this temple.

When you decided to visit this place as tourist destination, you can find some facilities that made you more enjoying your time such finding cheap hotel. The hotels usually offering beautiful scenery that Bali had. The entry fee for this place is quite cheap. Its under USD 2, but the price can be changes anytime without information. To get update on the price, please contact us before your arrival to helps you enjoying your holidays. If you’d like to take this place as place to go, you need to know the operation hours of this temple. It is started from 8 AM to 5 PM bali’s time. But if you’d like to do prayer rituals for Hinduism, Besakih Temple is open 24 hours.

Interesting Things from Pura Besakih

Every tourist spot has their own attractions. This is why a lot of tourist came for visiting them even for local and foreign tourists. Besides became worship place for Hinduism, this temple is also having another attractions that made visitors decided to choose it as destination

pura besakih

  • The biggest pura in Indonesia

As we mentioned in above, pura besakih in bali belongs to the biggest pura in Indonesia. It is also has many steps with large gate used as main entrance to Pura Besakih. Inside this pura, it is having almost 202 large and small buildings in the 18 temple complexes. Please make sure you are in good condition when you visit here, you will have foot walk from the parking area to get inside the pura about 1 hour.

  • Megalithic Age Hills

By having ancient and unique architectures applying at this temple, it is also proved that this temple aged in hundred years starts from Mesolithic era. Don’t forget to bring your camera during your time visiting here. Good photo spot such stone thrones and pyramidal terrace structures are available to complete your collections of holidays photography. But please be note, there is rule that really important to obey. Women who are menstruating forbid to come here because Besakih Temple is a holy place for Hinduism. This is the same rule of other religious worship places that not allowing women who are menstruating to enter. You have to wear Balinese sarong due to this is a must for everyone who visiting this temple.

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