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Exciting adventures from trekking, diving to rafting in Bali

Bali is a place for nature lovers to enjoy its adventurous atmosphere. Bali is not just about enjoying beachside cocktails. Climbing mountains, exploring forests, rice fields, and even waterfalls. Sea diving explores the beauty of underwater biota; try rafting on the river.

Three Trekking Paths 

West Bali National Park 

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With a location of 190 square kilometers and a buffer zone in the eastern part of 580 square kilometers, this national park covers 10 percent of the island of Bali. With the supervision and guidance of an experienced ranger, you can enjoy its captivating nature. Starting in the forest, hills and beaches can be explored on foot. 

Campuhan Ridge Walk

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Campuhan Hill itself is a hill with a fairly gentle valley filled with weeds. From there, you can find beautiful natural scenery, complete with beautiful hills and rivers. This most instagenic trekking route promises captivating views at sunrise and sunset. Even though it looks like a beautiful hill, reaching it is not difficult. The path to Campuhan is clearly visible on the side of Jalan Raya Ubud. 

Bali jungle trekking 

Located on Lake Buyan, Bali Junge Trekking will take you through the unique and shady tropical forest of Bedugul. The tropical forest here is very beautiful and still hidden. So that the impression of adventure will really be obtained. To be able to do trekking in Bali’s jungle, you need an instructor, which can be obtained from several tour packages.

Three dive sites 

Nusa Penida 

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This island, which is near the Lombok Strait, offers a paradise for professional divers who want to see sunfish and manta rays. This area is also famous for its beautiful marine life, filled with cute sea animals. Here you will meet the cast of the film “Finding Nemo,” like Nemo himself, Marlin, Dory, and friends. At this point on the island, there are several famous dive sites, including Toyapakeh, which has clear water and beautiful coral expanses, and Crystal Bay, with anemones and various soft corals. 

Menjangan Island 


This island includes a nature reserve protected by the government. This small island, which is part of the West Bali National Park, is surrounded by large and small corals, which are the habitat of sea turtles, sea eels, snapper, and batfish. You can also rent snorkeling and diving equipment here. The travel time to reach this place is around 3–4 hours if taken from Denpasar to the west, passing through the Negara district. 

Island Serangan 

Island is also located in the city of Denpasar, 13 km from Ngurah Rai Airport, to be exact. This area has an underwater safari park that presents a variety of marine life and coral reefs that are extraordinarily beautiful. And is a turtle conservation area. This safari park was initiated by fishermen in the area, who are trying to continue to optimize the restoration of marine biodiversity that has been damaged by reclamation.

Rafting on the Ayung River 

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Ayung River Rafting has a rafting length of approximately 9 to 12 km. The starting location for rafting is in Kec. Abiansemal, Badung regency. About 4 km from the tourist site of Sangeh Monkey Forest. Rafting will take approximately 3 hours, and the rafting will end in Ubud. This Ayung River rafting location is the best because it has rafting levels for beginners and professionals. 


The locations for trekking, diving, and rafting above are only a few places that we can recommend for you. There are still many places in Bali that offer exciting forms of adventure while on vacation.

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