Exciting Adventure With Parasailing In Tanjung Benoa

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Visa Bali Info – Parasailing in Tanjung Benoa

When you are on vacation in Tanjung Benoa, don’t miss an exciting vacation adventuring with parasailing.

Tanjung Benoa itself is located in the sub-district of South Kuta, Badung Regency, has a white sand beach with calm sea water, making it ideal for various marine tourism, its location is also strategically close to tourism centers in the South Bali area.

Parasailing Adventure

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Parasailing Adventure is a game that combines skydiving and jetskiing. With the help of parachutes and speedboats, you can float above the open sea to see beautiful scenery.

In the past, single parasailing was introduced which is also one of the watersports in Tanjung Benoa Bali which is very attractive to tourists, but unfortunately the single parasailing watersport activity sometimes cannot be enjoyed every day.

For the safety of participants (players) of course the operator thinks about the weather such as wind and sea waves, so don’t be surprised when you have ordered the parasailing activity in Tanjung Benoa it turns out that it arrived at the location it was canceled.

After thinking and discovering, there is now Parasailing Adventure which will minimize the cancellation of the activity.

Parasailing Adventure Flying Together With Parachute

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Recreation or adventure tourism is certainly still closely related to single parasailing which also offers the sensation of flying into the air.

The advantage is that by joining a parasailing adventure you can fly together or in tandem, and not even just 2 people, it can also be three people who also use a parachute pulled by a speed boat.

By using a larger parachute, it is less affected by wind speed and sea waves.

The larger parachute used can lift and fly 2-3 participants, including the speed boat used to pull the parachute rope, which is also larger with stronger power, so its presence will certainly affect the price offered.

Parasailing Offers Exciting Experience

This adventure recreation does not need a special experience, what is needed is the courage to try the courage to test your guts to spur your adrenaline.

The operation and workings of a parasailing adventure in Tanjung Benoa is quite easy, before the activity starts you will be given directions or instructions by an experienced watersport operator instructor in the field.

This watersport parasailing Adventure in Tanjung Benoa will take you around for 5 minutes in the air, the price offered is quite cheap and affordable compared to the experience and sensations offered and the following price packages offered.

Preparation Before Flying With Parasailing

The use of parachute umbrellas for parasailing rides will adjust to the participant’s body weight. The goal is not to be overloaded and to maintain the balance and comfort of parasailing participants while flying in the air.

If the equipment is securely installed, the guide will give instructions that the speed boat can pull the parachute, then fly slowly. The length of the parachute rope with a speed boat is about 80 meters.

There are two speed boat drivers, one as a speedboat driver and the other as a guide. At the time of landing, the umbrella will be guarded by several guides. For one round around the waters of Tanjung Benoa, this game lasts 1 round of approximately 2 minutes.

Parasailing Adventure Prices In Tanjung Benoa Bali

IDR 350,000/person

Terms and conditions and price information

  • Minimum reservation of two people
  • Prices are only valid for bookings via the internet, direct bookings at the location apply publish prices
  • The duration of the parasailing adventure game is only 5 minutes
  • The location of the watersports on Tanjung Benoa beach, South Kuta, Badung district.
  • Keep in mind the weather factor, if the weather is extreme (bad) the game can be canceled, with a full refund to the customer or can be replaced with other watersport options.
  • Price includes insurance, tax and service charge
  • The age of participants is limited from 8 years – 70 years old
  • Including the use of standard safety tools
  • Does not include shuttle to the hotel except in the Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua areas.

You don’t have to worry about trying this one watersport, the guades here are all professionals in their fields and of course there are international standards.

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