Enjoy The Uniqueness of Eating Under Mesmerizing Aquarium At Koral Resto

Bali Visa Info – The romantic of Koral Resto. For those all of you who are planning to have a honeymoon with your beloved partner, and decide to visit the island of Bali for your special event, we have interesting information about extraordinary restaurant on Bali island. You will get a different dining experience compared to other places. This is the restaurant at The Apurva Kempinski hotel, Bali, namely Koral Resto. The Apurva Kempinski itself is a magnificent and luxurious 6-stars hotel in Bali. The building and design that used in this hotel is luxurious and very amazing. And there is a very extraordinary place to eat to be found here, The Koral Restaurant.

The Location of Koral Restaurant

The location of the restaurant in this luxury hotel is in the Nusa Dua area, Bali. In the previous article, we have mentioned all interesting places at Apurva Kempinksi Hotel, now this time we will provide detailed information about Koral Resto, where you will feel a very unique sensation, by enjoying delicious food located under a giant aquarium! Actually there have been many photos circulating on social media that Bali has a restaurant under the aquarium and this restaurant becomes a place that many couples hunt for, whether for honeymoons or celebrating their anniversary. In this restaurant, dining tables will be set next to a glass wall to be able to display a variety of beautiful and colorful marine life. In fact, this restaurant is the first restaurant with an underwater theme in Bali. Can you imagine how exciting it will be if you eat at this place?! Enjoy eating and drinking served by professional chefs, combined with music and enhanced by stunning views through the glass walls. It is very perfect and you will be very comfortable to stay longer in this place.

Menu in Koral Restaurant

The tables at Koral Resto have various settings, ranging from a table for two, a table for four, or if you need more, there is a sofa attached to the wall that you can use as an additional seat. In this restaurant there is also a table spot located in the hallway. Now if you choose a seat in this aisle, it feels as if you are eating among a group of fish. It is truly one of the experiences you must try. Then what about the food and drink menu in this place? Of course very varied! From Asian to European food, all served by expert chefs. Especially for those of you who like fine dining, you will not regret coming to this restaurant. There are Italian menus, sea food, vegetarian menus, and also for those of you who want to experience the expertise of the chefs here, you can try the degustation menu. There is also a menu provided for children. For drinks there are signature drinks, cocktails / mock tails and also wine. The menu is really complete in this restaurant.

If you are interested in visiting this place, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance. And there are rules from the hotels and restaurants that must be obeyed regarding taking photos by the visitors. Visitors are only allowed to take photos at 10-12 am. This is because photo activities do not interfere with the privacy of other guests who are also at this restaurant. For your information, the Koral Resto at The Apurva Kempinski has won the award for the most beautiful restaurant in the world in 2021 according to the TripAdvisor version. Very cool right?

Now, since Bali has reopened to foreign nationals, let’s visit this place in Bali. If you need help or questions regarding your planned visit to Bali, please contact us!

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