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the cave restaurant
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Visa Bali Info – The Cave Restaurant Bali

It may sound strange and like it doesn’t make sense, if we enter the cave to enjoy our culinary delights.

In order to attract the attention of visitors, a restaurant will be made as attractive as possible. Starting from the mainstay menu, to the location and portraits of buildings that appear different from the others. Like a restaurant that is in the spotlight because it makes an old cave the main building.

Bali, there is a place to eat in a cave that is viral in cyberspace. If you are on vacation in Bali, you can try to stop by this place.

Open Since May 19, 2022

Before becoming a restaurant, this cave was discovered in 2014. Initially this cave was still neglected and it was not known what form of area utilization would be carried out.

Until finally the manager of The Cave thought of using it as a restaurant. After that, preparations began to turn the cave area into a comfortable place to eat.

Until finally right on May 19, 2022, this cave began serving food and drinks and serving guests who came.

Luxury Interior Design

the cave restaurant
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This cave is still in its natural state, not modified during its construction, only given additional ornaments to decorate.

The staircase which is the access to enter and exit the restaurant is made in a circle dominated by brown and black colors.

The bar counter is also made of a marble table with four chairs on the right and left that glow in the dark.

The arrangement of the dining table and chairs is also arranged in a semicircle with a floating table attached to the cave wall.

The dark and humid atmosphere of the cave makes several lights for lighting appear attached to the walls of the cave.

Accommodates 20 Guests

Because above the cave there is a garden and the hotel limits visitors to 20 people to enter at a certain time.

In addition, this restaurant is also equipped with a bar table which is divided on the right and left sides. The chairs and bar tables in this restaurant are also designed so luxuriously with a very neat arrangement.

To get into this restaurant, there are also circular stairs that are said to have reached 31 steps.

Foie Gras to Wagyu Menu

the cave restaurant
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Luxurious menus are also presented here, ranging from welcome drinks, appetizer menus, main menus to sweet dessert menus.

There are several menus that are made so special, namely Hokkaido Scallop, Foie Gras Cheesecake or even Tajima Wagyu which are fantastically priced.

For food menus without alcohol, both normal and special for vegetarians, the price per person is set at IDR 1.4 million.

As for the complete menu package with cocktails, the price is IDR 3.2 million per person.

Luxurious Menu Designed by British Chef

Chef Ryan Clift is the designer of the fantastically priced luxury menus served at The Cave.

In 2015, this British chef was even awarded the World Gourmet Summit as Finalist Chef of The Year.

Based on his background, chef Ryan Clift has an outstanding track record in the world of gastronomy.

He has even been a chef since the age of 14 and has traveled all over Australia, Singapore and the Asian continent.

It turns out that this cave restaurant is located on Jalan Pura Goa Lempeh, Pecatu Traditional Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

The latest fact, unfortunately this restaurant had to stop operating after a direct review by the Badung Regency Satpol PP, Bali Cultural Heritage Preservation Center (BPCB).

However, I Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara as the Head of the Badung Civil Service Police (Satpol PP) revealed that there is still a possibility for this restaurant to resume operations.

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