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Enjoy a delicious drink Tea at Biku Bali

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Are you tea lovers? Are you looking for a place to enjoy various types and variants of tea? When you are in Bali, there is an interesting place for you tea lovers.

An interesting place for you tea lovers is a restaurant, Biku Bali restaurant. For more details, see our review of this restaurant.

biku bali
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Biku Bali Restaurant

Biku Bali is a restaurant built by Happu Salma, one of the capital’s artists who currently chooses to live in Bali.

Happy Salma’s Biku Bali Restaurant is a place to eat that offers a luxurious atmosphere. The choice to run this luxury restaurant is a testament to his sincerity in running this restaurant business.

The concept of this luxurious room is also accompanied by a menu that can meet the tastes of anyone, not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists. The menu is also very diverse and looks so tempting.

Vintage Style Restaurant Design

Biku Bali
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Who would have thought that this restaurant was once a shop selling antiques, which was eventually turned into a restaurant.

The impression of the old building is still very strong. The building that uses teak wood is more than 150 years old.

The furniture in this restaurant is also deliberately made of wood. Not only that, the choice of colors used also impresses a classic atmosphere with brown.

Furthermore, for lighting, it was chosen to use a dim lighting system with light from light bulbs.

The traditional classic atmosphere at Biku Bali Restaurant is also strengthened by the use of various antiques.

Has More than 30 Tea Variants

Biku Bali
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Established in 2008, Biku has the concept of an afternoon tea restaurant where tea is the special menu. With its unique and perfect presentation, many visitors return there often.

To enjoy tea here, you will be given a tray containing a complete set containing one teapot, cup, sugar and a small filter. All the equipment is uniquely shaped, the uniqueness does not stop at the appearance, the taste of the tea can also be matched.

Not only the traditional form of tea presentation, but also the tradition of drinking tea in the style of British nobility. Overall, Biku Bali restaurant tea is grouped into two, namely traditional high tea and Asian high tea.

Menu Options Other Than Tea

biku bali
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In general, the choice of food here is an international menu. Interestingly, the international menu served is accompanied by a traditional Balinese touch. That way, you will find a different taste and appearance from the menu at Biku Restaurant.

Not only tea, of course, here you can order other drinks such as juice, coffee or cocktails.

In addition, several menus such as mixed rice in the style of monks, mixed satay, sea fish Pepes and others can be ordered.

Enjoying Keroncong Music And Tarot Divination

In addition to enjoying the uniqueness of the 30 tea variants, here you will also be served keroncong music. This traditional music event will be present every Sunday at 17.00-20.00 WITA.

Fortune telling with tarot one of them becomes another unique event. You can ask for a tarot fortune telling for 15 minutes, this tarot divination service is open from 13.00-17.00 WITA at a rate of Rp. 80,000.


  • Special wheelchair users
  • Entrance for wheelchair users

Bali Biku Restaurant Location

Address :

Jalan Petitenget No.888 Seminyak, Kerobokan Kelod, Kec. North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361.

Operational hour :

Every day, 08.00 – 23.00 WITA


When you want to visit this place, it’s a good idea to make a reservation in advance, the unique atmosphere and delicious menu presentation are the goals of many visitors. Hopefully the above review can be useful for you.

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