Drifting On Timbis Hill Bali

Timbis Hill Bali
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Visa Bali info – Timbis Hill 

Enjoying natural beauty and respecting local culture will indeed feel so unpretentious while on vacation.

Have you ever felt the beauty of nature from the top of the hill and then you flew? This may sound fun right!

For those of you who like challenging things, this will be perfect for you while on vacation. From the top of the timbis hill you will float to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali from above.

Timbis Hill Paragliding

Timbis Hill
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According to wikipedia paragliding is a free-flying sport using the wings of a parachute that takes off with the feet for recreational or competitive purposes.

Paragliding is usually done from the top of the hill to take off, then fly. In Bali itself a popular place for this sport is Timbis Hill.

Enjoy the sensation of flying over cliffs along the coast in southern Bali, such as at Bali’s Pandawa Beach, Green Bowl Beach, Uluwatu Beach and Sawangan Beach.

Timbis hill paragliding was introduced by French foreign tourists who live in Bali.

Right in the 1990s, this paragliding activity has been active and has become one of the tourist spots that are in demand by challengers.

For the price range offered starting from Rp. 800,000, – according to the needs and facilities that you will take.

Flying With a Pilot

In general, this sport cannot be done arbitrarily, this sport cannot be done alone, all must be accompanied by expert professionals.

The pilots at Timbis Paragliding are all internationally certified pilots. To become a pilot and get an international license, you must have flown a minimum of 40 times and this license can be used worldwide.

For those of you who are experienced, you can ride and control this paragliding yourself, but for those of you who are beginners, you can ride with a paragliding pilot, commonly called tandem flying, the pilot himself is behind, so you can freely enjoy the beauty of the surrounding natural panorama.

The sensation of flying from the top of Timbis Hill Bali

It has a fairly spacious and flat area with a height of about 110 meters above sea level, as well as hill cliffs directly bordering the Timbis beach below and the wind gusts are also very supportive of paragliding activities here.

This paragliding activity is very dependent on the consistency of the wind gusts, so it is very likely that during extreme weather this activity cannot be carried out.

However, Bukit Timbis is a place with the best wind gust consistency, so the choice on this hill is the best paragliding option in Bali.

Treated by Natural Beauty

Drifting above Timbis Hill, you are treated to beautiful and amazing natural scenery, with beautiful nature wrapped in blue sea framed by white sand beaches and fortified with beautiful cliffs typical of Timbis hills.

From this height, a number of villa buildings such as small villages adorn the rock cliffs in this South Bali tourism area. In the afternoon, the beautiful sunset while flying at a height looks so dramatic.

Then a number of existing temples look beautiful in the air, such as Geger Temple, Melang Kelod Temple, Barong-Barongan Temple, Penyekjekan Temple and Gunung Payung Temple.

As a small note, that flying over Timbis hill there are a number of temples that are purified and sacred to Hindus in the vicinity, so out of respect don’t fly too close above the temple building, so as not to cause polemics.

Timbis Hill Paragliding Location

Address at Kutuh, Kec. Kuta Sel., Badung Regency, Bali. The location of this hill is very easy to reach, located between the attractions of Pandawa Beach and Gunung Payung beach.

Timbis hill is included in the South Bali tourism area where this area also has GWK attractions, Melasti beach, Green Bowl and the direction of travel to Uluwatu.

If you are from Ngurah Rai airport the distance is about 20 km, if you are from the Pandawa beach tourist attraction the distance is about 15 minutes driving or about 4 km.


Paragliding on the Timbis hill in Bali is one of the most suitable recreational arenas for those of you who like adventure and adrenaline. Bali with all its beauty and vacation facilities will really spoil you during your vacation. Happy holidays..

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