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Bali In The Middle of Pandemic Era – Covid Bali

Covid Bali – We all know that we are facing hard time due to covid-19 pandemic. A lot of company collapse, so many people lost their job, and border’s rule are applied in everywhere. This terrible situation is facing by all people around the world. Economic sector is very chaotic. Especially in Bali, this place is needing the holidays atmosphere’s back. Covid Bali is hard situation for all sectors in Bali not only for businessman or entrepreneur running on arts, manufactures and trading’s site but also affecting on tourism industry.

covid bali

The main sector of economic in Bali comes from tourism industry. Covid is happen since March 2020 until now and this made tourism sector start from small, middle and big receiving the affect of covid Bali. The city government trying to maximize the tourist spot even for domestic or foreign tourist by supporting the natural and cultural resources of the region. This help to create new jobs for the resident. But to be honest, this is really hard to do. Because of Bali’s border rule, this term made the tourist hard to enter Bali during covid Bali still in high numbers.

The small numbers of foreign tourist caused by Bali’s border rule and this is really affecting Bali’s income. So many beaches are empty, lakes are empty, no hiking activities found in mountain. Sea activities such rafting, diving and also snorkeling are gone. Here are sites whose suffering from covid bali

covid bali

  • As we mention in above, tourism industry is the most suffer site in this covid-19 pandemic. So many tourist spot being quiet and no visitors. Even there is visitors in some places, but still this is small numbers compared to conditions before covid. Beaches, lakes, mountain and also sea activities that usually found and enjoyed in Bali, they are gone.
  • Hotel and resort are quiet and no visitors. Due to the small numbers of tourist even for domestic and foreign tourist come to Bali, so many hotels, resorts and also spa spot are collapse. Its hard for them to survive in this terrible condition and made them doing staff reduction. It is hard choice to be taken by the owner due to the visitors traffic in that places are very low numbers. Besides they need to pay the employee, company needs to pay bank loan while conditions for the economic sectors are decreased dramatically. As we knew from the news that about 60 hotels total will be sold for any stars. If this condition continues, there should be possibilities that these numbers will be increase more and more.
  • Total loss for the tourism industry in Bali during this covid-19 pandemic is about 10 trillion per month. This is really big number and causing the business man or entrepreneur can’t survive.
  • Entertain venues such as bars are closed. This is also made the bars doing employee reduction. We can’t imagine what they are going to do for the people who got this condition. In the other side, they still have family to be feed, have daily needed to be paid or etc.

But even in this terrible situation, there is a way from government in the tourism industry that might help the income for Bali. We know that ‘free visa’s for arrival’ for the foreign tourist is still closed and unavailable, but there is new term called New Single e-Visa that can help the foreigners to enter Indonesia. This is also solutions for tourism sector to get income in the covid-19 pandemic. If you want to get more information for how to get this new visa term, you can contact us. We will help and offer you with best service we had.

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