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Confused To Choose A Place To Move To Bali? Let’s Check Below

Visa Bali Info – Currently there are lots of people who have moved and decided to move to Bali island. They are entrepreneurs or artists who moved from big cities. The main reason they move to live in Bali island is that they want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city and traffic jams. Finding a cool atmosphere and also seeing the scenery that is still beautiful is very difficult to find in the midtown. In a big city, there is only a rush of work, traffic jams and pollution. But Bali offers fun things that cannot be found in big cities. Beautiful natural scenery, the air is still cool and also lots of natural attractions can help to release your fatigue. Before you decide to move to live on the island of Bali, you need to decide in which area you will live. And also what place you will live in, whether it’s an apartment, a villa or a house. You need to know information related to the place where you will live in the future.

Buy A House

Before buying a house, you must make sure the location you’ve chosen already the best location or the closest to your work location. The immigrants are usually choose location in the area of Denpasar. But if you want to have a house that is located close to tourist destinations, people usually choose Ubud, Tabanan and Canggu. However, usually houses located close to tourist attractions tend to have more expensive prices. And please make sure you have prepared the official documents before purchasing your home. Buying a house is very good because it is one of the long-term investments for the future.

Lease / Contract

If your budget is not enough to buy a house, but requires you to live or move in Bali, then the only answer is to rent a house. The price is definitely cheaper than you have to buy a house. Even today, there are many tenants who facilitate rented houses completed with the furniture.

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If you don’t have a problem with the budget, then there’s nothing wrong with choosing an apartment as a place to live. Living on a very beautiful island, surrounded by amazing places and enhanced with comfortable and luxurious living is like heaven!


Renting a villa is identical with the holidays. However, it turns out that currently choosing a villa as an alternative place to live is often to do in Bali. A villa is kinda like a house and can usually be lived in together. If you are the type of person who likes modern, simple but beautiful decorations, then maybe the choice is a villa. People usually will rent a villa together with their friends or relatives, why is that? Because if you live in a villa and it is occupied with more people, the rent cost will be cheaper.

Guest house exclusive boarding house

If you have problems with your budget, but you have more than 2 family members, it would be more appropriate if you choose an exclusive guest house. Why is it called an exclusive boarding house or a guest house? Guest houses are usually equipped with a main room, bathroom and kitchen like a house. While the boarding house is usually not that complete, and the price is relatively cheaper.

Guest house standard boarding house

If you need a place to live for yourself or you are not married, it would be better to choose a standard guest house type boarding house. This will really help you in managing your budget. If you have a certain budget, then it would be better to choose Denpasar as a place to live, because the prices there are relatively cheaper than others.

Lastest News : Now, the Indonesian government has reopened its doors to foreign tourists. Hopefully the reference above can help. If you need help with all your visa needs, please contact us!

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