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The city of Yogyakarta or known by the local community as the City of Jogja or the City of Yogya is the capital and administrative center of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This city is a big city that maintains traditional concepts and Javanese culture (Wikipedia).

Jogja Istimewa

Yogyakarta was once known for its slogan which reads “Jogja The Neverending Asia” thanks to its extraordinary charm. Today, the city is also known as “Jogja Istimewa” because of its beautiful values.

Together with Surakarta (Solo), Yogyakarta is the origin of civilization in Java. This city was once the throne that produced the magnificent Borobudur and Prambanan temples in the 8th and 9th centuries and the seat of the reign of the Mataram kingdom in the 16th and 17th centuries.

This city is one of several cultural centers in Indonesia. Every visitor can explore it by walking in the Palace Museum (Sultan’s Palace), chatting in the City Square, seeing the process of making jewelry in Kotagede, to shopping at Malioboro.

10 Recommended Popular Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta


Borobudur temple

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Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Built in the 9th century, Borobudur Temple is now a magnet that attracts millions of tourists every year.


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Malioboro is the heart of Jogja City, filled with street vendors selling all kinds of things that are typical of the city of Jogja. Pedestrians that always have an allure for you always come back.

Jogja Monument

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Tugu Jogja harbors a philosophical meaning about the spirit of resistance to colonialism and has now become a landmark that is very closely related to the city of Jogja. There is also a tradition of hugging or kissing this monument when graduating from college.

Taman Sari 

The remains of the bathing place for the daughters of ancient kings, the beauty of its ancient architecture, and the stunning scenery make Taman Sari very enchanting. The halls and buildings make Taman Sari full of secrets that will continue to be uncovered.

Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis Beach is only 27 km from downtown Jogja and is famous for having a romantic sunset view. Riding a bendi along Parangtritis Beach in the afternoon will be a sweet memory.

Tebing Breksi

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Losing its function as a place to mine limestone, the Breksi Cliff area in Sambirejo, Prambanan, is even crowded with visitors of all ages. Who would have thought, a place that used to not get a lot of attention, is now a unique tourist spot.

Prambanan Temple


Prambanan Temple was built in the 9th century. Towering 47 meters high with stunning ornaments, the beauty of this Hindu temple is unmatched. Prambanan Temple is located 17 km to the east from the center of Jogja City and can be reached by Trans Jogja bus.

Mount Merapi

Enjoying the sunrise from the most active volcano in the country, as well as looking directly at the always turbulent Merapi crater are mandatory experiences of a lifetime.

Bukit Bintang

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Bukit Bintang is a favorite place for many young people in Yogyakarta. Located on the edge of Jalan Jogja-Wonosari, Bukit Bintang is so easy to get to. The view of the city of Yogyakarta with the backdrop of Mount Merapi and Merbabu is presented before our eyes.

You can sit on a concrete chair on a cliff or in the stalls that serve coffee and roasted corn while waiting for the sun to set. When the sky gets darker, the stars in the wide sky and the twinkling lights like a sea of ​​stars make this place so romantic.

Alun-alun Kidul

At night, South Square, which is located behind the Yogyakarta Palace, is filled with people looking for cheap entertainment. The flickering lights of the odong-odong that surround the square add to the excitement.

Feeling the places above, you will feel how culture can coexist with city life.

Lots of street vendors, almost the same corners of the city, the friendliness of the residents, and just hanging out at the angkringan enjoying typical roadside dishes. You will always feel addicted to always want to come back.

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