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Captivating Pura On Balinese Island

Balinese IslandVisa Bali Info –  Having vacation on Balinese island is a dream for everyone. This beautiful island offers lots of great destinations for spending your precious time with your family and friends. But as we know that Balinese island is also famous with the arts and cultures, many tourists come to this island because they want to see or learning Balinese traditions. The most popular thing from Balinese island was its temples. Local people call it Pura Bali. This island is popular around the world by having them and called as a island with thousand temples. Several temples in Bali have become icons of this island. The uniqueness and the ornament on the temples made the temples more amazing to look at. Local people still doing traditional rituals around the temple because they have believe that by having that ritual they will receive goodness from their god.

By having lots of temples there, you need to know what is recommended temples need to visit and you can learn the stories behind them. Here we have collected the information about popular temples on Balinese island you may visit during your vacation

Tanah Lot Temple

The first list from the most popular temples on Bali island is Tanah Lot temple. This temple is an icon from Bali for traditional temple. You can see lots of pictures of it on internet because many travel agencies use this temple as their advertisement. This place is never quiet even though it’s not a holiday. Tanah lot temple was built on a large coral reef that located in the offshore area. This temple can only be entered at low tide, and when the tide is in high this temple will look like placed in the middle of the sea. Best time to visit this temple is before sunset due to the beautiful scenery you will get around this place.

Uluwatu Temple

Another temple that built on coral reef is Uluwatu temple. This temple has unique architecture and ornaments applied on the temple. Other unique thing from this temple is the location of the temple, which is at the end of a very steep cliff. Coral cliffs have a height of approximately 70 meters above sea level! You can see Indian ocean from this temple, and same as Tanah Lot temple, beautiful sunset will surround you during your time here! You can also see popular traditional dance on Bali called Kecak Dance on this location.

Balinese IslandUlun Danu Beratan Bedugul Temple

The unique thing from this temple is also the location. This temple was built on the middle of lake and the building looks like it’s floating. There are also gardens that arranged neatly surrounding the temple. Due to the temple’s location is in highlands, this temple area is usually shrouded in fog and offers cool air.

Tirta Empul Tampak Siring Temple

This temple having natural springs that considered as holy springs. The natural springs on this temple coupled with baths being the main attraction of this temple. For local people, the water of this temple will give purity, serenity and luck.

Ayun Mengwi Park Temple

The meaning from this temple is beautiful garden. At the outside area of this temple, there are spacious courtyard with Balinese fence wall design. Meanwhile inside area of the temple having pool of water that surrounds the temple area. This temple is having combinations design of Balinese and Chinese architecture.

Temple of Saraswati Park Ubud

This temple located in the middle area of Ubud. This temple is unique and beautiful by having beautiful architecture and lotus pond. You can see traditional Balinese dance on this temple and no need to pay entrance fee to enter this temple!

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