Camping Fun with Family at Unda River Camp

Unda River Camp
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Visa Bali Info – Camping at Unda River Camp

The many tourist rides in Bali will not make your holiday atmosphere boring.

For those of you who really like exploring nature and blending in with nature, it seems like this one tour is worth trying.

Especially if you visit it with your family on a camping tour, the Tukad Unda river area is currently a favorite for nature tourism hunters.

Or if you want to visit the tourist areas of North Bali and you want to rest for a while before starting your trip to the tourist areas of North Bali, Unda River Camp can be another place for you to stay so it won’t be boring.

Unda River Camp presents the latest camping tours for you, see the information below.

Unda River Camp

Unda River Camp
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Operating in December 2021, this one tourist destination is a tourist destination that can be an option so it’s not boring.

If you usually camp in the highlands such as hills or mountains, then you should try to feel the sensation of camping by the river.

The camping area which is very wide and also very flat allows you campers or the community to carry out activities carried out by many people such as outbound activities and so on.

The atmosphere of Unda River Camp

Unda River Camp
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With a location far from downtown Denpasar, not a few tourists choose to stay in the area around Tukad Unda.

So they chose Unda River Camp to be their place to stay before returning to the city the next day or continuing their journey to the north of Bali.

An exciting choice for you to choose to camp using a tent on the banks of the Unda river.

The land for setting up your tents here is quite large, with shady trees around it. There are also wooden tables and chairs as well as beanbags by the river which can be used for relaxing and dining while enjoying the surrounding scenery.

Unda River Camp facilities

Unda River Camp
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If you don’t bring supplies, don’t worry because at this location there are stalls selling various foods and drinks.

There are quite a lot of menus offered, such as local menus, laklak gadang, plecing catfish, scales, and kalimoto porridge.

Here also rent equipment for barbecue for IDR 50,000 per set. You can use these equipment to cook food ingredients, such as sausages and satay that you have brought before or bought on location.

Don’t worry, because when you are camping here, will you find food or not? Unda River Camp has provided facilities in the form of a place for you to order food with various menu choices.

Location And Entrance Ticket Prices

Address :

Tukad Unda Waterfall, Banjar Sengguan, Bali 80716.

Entrance ticket :

For entrance tickets for Rp. 15.000,-

If you want to rent tires to play in the water in the river, you only need to pay Rp. 5000,-


To get to the location of this waterfall, you can use public transportation or private vehicles.

For public transportation, you can start with public buses or other transportation. You can stop in Karangasem District, after that continue by using a motorcycle taxi to Semarapura Kelod Kangin Village until you arrive at the Unda River Camp location which is in line with the Tukad Unda Waterfall tour in Semarapura.

For private vehicles, the intended route is the same as using public transportation. You can also open the location on the maps so you don’t go to the wrong direction.

After stopping for a while resting at Unda River Camp, you can continue your tour to the northern Bali region. Enjoy your exciting travel trip in Bali by trying camping with your family.


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