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The uniqueness of Blimbingsari Tourism Village, Bali

Blimbingsari Village
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Visa Bali Info – The uniqueness of Blimbingsari Tourism Village

Blimbingsari Village is located in Melaya District, Jembrana Regency, which is one of the tourist villages in Bali.

When you come to this village, you will see how thick the tolerance is, as well as the original culture.

In this village, there are two magnificent church buildings. The churches are located in Banjar Blimbingsari (Pniel Church) and Banjar Ambyarsari (Immanuel Church).

Well, apart from the church, what is unique about this village?

Blimbingsari Village

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Long before it was made a village, Blimbingsari Village was a wilderness that was opened in 1939 by Pastor Made Rungu, Made Regud, and a number of other figures with the permission of Sedahan Agung.

The church building was originally built in a European style, but due to the 1971 earthquake, it was damaged. The building was overhauled and redesigned to adopt the design of Balinese temples and ornaments.

Blimbingsari Village has a unique culture, which is the main attraction of this village. In addition to the unique culture of Blimbingsari Village, it also has the natural beauty of the countryside, which is no less interesting. The village atmosphere is clean, tidy, and green, so it is not uncommon for this village to win many village competitions.

“Temple Church”

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Your journey begins when you enter the door of Blimbingsari Village. You will be greeted by the large gate of Blimbingsari Village, often called the Blimbingsari Gate.

The large entrance building was shaped like a gate during the Roman Empire and contains religious symbols.

In this village, there is a church that was built to resemble a temple, in contrast to church buildings in general, which are in a magnificent European architectural style.

The church in Blimbingsari Village is patterned with ornaments and carvings. At every corner of the church building are Balinese carvings. Therefore, the local people before the 1970s called it the “Temple of the Church.” The church in this village is known as the oldest and most unique church in Bali.

The Memenjor-Ngelawar Tradition Ahead of Christmas

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If in the Indonesian Muslim tradition, ahead of Eid al-Fitr, there are ketupat and opor, then this is almost the same thing as for Christians in Blimbingsari Village.

Christians in this village use Balinese cultural traditions so strongly. When they celebrate Christmas, they make penjor (memenjor) and Balinese lawar.

Uniquely, when the Christians in this village worship, they wear Balinese clothing, even when they praise, they use Balinese gamelan gong instruments.

The entire series of worship is packaged in Balinese, from singing to sermons.

Community Based Tourism

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By not building special hotels for tourists and using all the villagers’ houses as lodging or accommodation.

This village does not build a restaurant but empowers culinary groups in the community.

Tour guides are taken from groups of young people who are trained as tour observers and also from other supporters, such as artists and so on.


With panoramic views of natural and beautiful forest, the Blimbingsari Village area also has the Bali starling, which is the icon of the West Bali National Park (TNBB). In this village, you can also go on a trekking tour to cross the forest area.

Visiting this village and seeing local customs and culture up close, all of which will add to the tourist experience while on holiday in Bali.

The combination and acculturation of beautiful cultures, signifies religious harmony in the Blimbingsari tourist village in particular and in Bali in general, as well as well-maintained, mutual respect and a sense of tolerance among religious people.

Because differences are beautiful and all are one within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia and Bhineka Tunggal Ika. Aren’t there many attractions that this village has to offer?

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