6 Bike Locations With Stunning Panoramas in Bali

Visa Bali Info – Bike Locations With Stunning Panoramas in Bali

Bicycles are part of a mode of land transportation, but they are not just a mode of transportation.

Bicycles are now a popular means of sports recreation that are loved by adults and even children.

Cycling can be done in various terrains, for example, hills, villages, or only around urban areas.

Bali is a complete tourist destination, offering fun cycling tours because you will pass panoramic views of the coast, rural nature, and even beautiful natural mountain panoramas.

Here are 6 recommendations for bicycle spots in Bali with stunning panoramas;

Sanur Beach

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This beach, which is famous for its exotic beauty of white sand, has a jogging track area of ​​approximately 5 km in length that can be used for cycling.

This beach has a bicycle rental service, if you didn’t bring a bicycle, you can rent one here for around IDR 5,000 per hour.

To walk along Sanur Beach, it will take about 1 hour from Sunrise Beach to Mertasari Beach. So it takes 2 hours to return to the bicycle rental service.

Bali Bike Park

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From the name of the place, it is clear that this place is a cycling area. Bali Bike Park has seven bike paths (tracks) with different characteristics and levels of difficulty.

Designed to be enjoyed by riders from beginners to experts, you can enjoy it with the kids too.

Adequate facilities are available, such as bicycle rental, cafes, toilets, and a souvenir shop.

Nusa Dua Beach

Besides Sanur Beach, you can also enjoy cycling with panoramic views of Nusa Dua Beach. In this beach area, there is also a jogging track that can be passed by bicycles.

Beautiful views of white sand with panoramic views of two islands, namely Nusa Dharma Island and Nusa Gede Island. The unique thing about these two islands is that there is a jogging track area that is connected to the track on the beach of Nusa Dua.

On this beach, there is also a place to rent bicycles at quite cheap prices, just IDR 25,000 for 6 hours and IDR 50,000 for 12 hours.

Ubud Tourism Village

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Cycling in the Ubud area will make your mind fresh. On your cycling trip, you will find lots of green rice fields, villages (traditional Balinese houses), as well as works by these village artists.

In fact, you will also pass through the Ubud art market, and while cycling, you can shop for various souvenirs in the form of hats, bracelets, rings, paintings, and various other interesting items.

The bicycle track in Ubud is very easy, and there are not many climbs. There are two most popular tracks for cycling in Ubud, namely the start point at Ceking Tegalalang with panoramic views of terraced rice fields and finish at Pura Dalem Puri Ubud (2 hours duration) and the start point at Taro Tegalalang and finish at Tjampuhan Hill Ubud (2.5 hours duration).

No need to worry either; this area also has a bicycle rental place.


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Cool mountain panoramas because the air temperature in Kintamani is low compared to other areas in Bali.

Here you can explore life in the countryside and relax along the way. The route that you will take is around 27 km, passing traditional vegetable gardens, panoramic views of the countryside, and also seeing the activities of the daily life of the Balinese people.

Buyan Lake

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Cycling on Lake Buyan, you will be presented with natural views in the form of green and beautiful forests with cool air.

During cycling, you will also enjoy views of mountains, lakes, and hills. In this area, you will also see community life activities around Lake Buyan, such as fishing and farming carrots, strawberries, and orchids.

Then, usually, cycling tourism activities on Lake Buyan end with lunch at Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, which is an icon of Bedugul tourism.


How do you want to try cycling tours with stunning panoramas? The 6 recommendations for cycling places above may be useful for you.

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