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The Best Way To Enjoy Best Places in Canggu

Visa4bali – best places in canggu. There is nothing wrong with thinking about vacation plans after hearing good news that the doors of the Indonesian state have been reopened, especially for foreign nationals. All of us have been going through tough time for 2 years due to covid19 pandemic. Bali island is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit to relax and unwind all this time.

There are many tourist attractions that offer extraordinary natural views and other rides. If people hear about Bali, the things that are familiar to the ears of tourists are famous areas such as Kuta or Seminyak. However, there is one place that is also gaining popularity among foreign tourists, which is so much fun and beautiful like Kuta or Seminyak, namely the Canggu area. In previous articles, we have discussed the beautiful and best places in Canggu. This time we will provide information about the best way to enjoy best place in Canggu.

It can be said that currently Canggu is becoming a new idol for the tourists both local and foreigners. This place is also a favorite surfing destination in Bali, enhanced by views of green rice fields and easily accessible beaches. The distance between Canggu and Ngurah Rai international airport is approximately 50 minutes. Here there are lots of interesting places such as hotels with complete facilities, fun cafes that will make you feel at home and all of that enhances the atmosphere in Canggu. That’s why many people agreed that Canggu is an iconic tourist destination in Bali to have fun and indulge from all the routines.

best places in canggu

People usually already have a schedule for their vacation, and there will be lots of places to visit, while vacation time is very short. Can you explore the Canggu area in a short time? Here we will provide tips to be able to maximize your vacation in Canggu within 1 day. Because there are so many holiday activities and tourist attractions in Canggu, you need to know which spots match your preferences. Here are the places and activities you can try to visit there

Enjoy Best Places in Canggu

Try to wake up in the morning

Even though you’re on vacation, there’s nothing wrong with getting up early. From 6 to 12 noon, there are many activities you can try. Like surfing at Berawa Beach with the instructor, jogging around the very beautiful and cool area of ​​Canggu, or cycling in this area. After you are done with your morning activities, you can find food easily because there are many delicious and healthy restaurants in this area.


Waiting for the sunset

Around 12 noon to 6 pm or times where you are waiting to enjoy the sunset moment, you can look for refreshing cold drinks such as coffee or sweet foods which can improve your mood. There are many cafes that you can choose to stay to spend time waiting for the sunset to arrive. If you don’t really like spending time at cafes, you can go to the spa places there. The various kinds of spa treatments that offered in this area have complete treatment packages from head to toe, and have varying prices.

Enjoy the beautiful sunset and night

Just like in Seminyak area, in Canggu area you can enjoy the party all night long after enjoying the beautiful sunset view. There are various bars that can help you enjoy an evening with a variety of music genres.

Now, Bali’s condition is open to foreign tourists and it’s time for all of you to enjoy those beautiful moments again. If you want to return and need help getting to Bali, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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