Best Villa List at Bali Island

Bali Visa – Have you ever dreamed for the amazing honeymoon with your couple? If you are going to take best honeymoon you will ever have, you need to make some plans. Going to good place is always relate with expensive things. So you need to look for information or reference about having good honeymoon with budget. No need to go to another country such Hawaii or Dubai, reminding those places are very amazingly expensive. Do you want to spend all of your savings just on one moment, we’re pretty sure you don’t want it. Indonesia famous with thousands of island and one of the most popular island is Bali. A lot of places at bali island having wonderful scenery just same as hawai. You can make honeymoon’s plan in bali island. We’ll help you to collect information about how you will stay and what best place to stay during your honeymoon

Bali IslandBali island has so many hotel and resort. There are also a lot of private villas that offering private swimming pool. Couple usually rather choose to stay in villa instead of hotel due to its completed with private pool. The identical promotion that usually did is about showing infinity pool at your villa perfected with the natural scenery seen from your pool. You can enjoy the sun, even for sunrise or sunset. Imagine this, enjoying the blue sky or having good twilight at your private room with your beloved people, this is perfect, isn’t?

Here we have collected some suggestions about having good villa but keeping your savings keeps safe

  • Enjoying beach view from the cliffs at Paradise Loft Villas Bali at Jimbaran

This place applying mediteranian ideas for the design, and located above the cliff of jimbaran area overlooking the Tanjung Benoa. Having good time enjoying the view surround you with tea or coffee will be perfect. You can also enjoy your breakfast by having floating foods at your private pool in this place. This villa is also completed with kitchen and dining room in modern style.

  • Soak at pool seeing blue skies at Svaha Private Villas Ceningan

Honeymoon is about having good quality time only with her/him. This place is having cottage villas concept but offers you modern convenience. Another service from this villa is that you will get free pick up service from the villa going to the iconic yellow bridge at this area. The private pool at this villa is not too big but still can help you to enjoy the bright atmosphere surrounding the beach.

villa bali

  • All in green theme with large area of Tamyang Ubud Villas

Villa with large area above the average located in the middle of rice-fields in Ubud. Not only the bedroom sized in large, the pool, kitchen, dining room and also the terrace is also good looking. If you’d like to get full of privacy for your honeymoon, might be this villa is the right answer for you to choose.

  • Relaxing with sun at Puri Mesari Suites

This villa applying opened concepts for couple. All activities such taking a bath, sunbathe, also having swim at your pool can do in the same time. All of these activities covered with high wall that makes you keep closed from outside. No need worry that you did private activities such above at this villa!

  • Studio-style Villa at Pecatu Indah Resort

This villa is having traditional concepts for the design but combined with bright color nuance. This combinations creating unique looks for the villa. You will have large bedroom and living space. Same as another villas, this villa is also offers you to have floating food at your pool to make you feel perfect when enjoying the scenery.

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