Hunting for beautiful photos at The Blooms Garden Bali

The Blooms Garden
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Visa Bali Info – The Blooms Garden

For you photography lovers, you should try to come to one of the tourist spots in the Bedugul area, Bali.

Located in a highland area that has cool air and far from busy city life, this place will truly be the best healing location.

The Blooms Garden Bedugul

The Blooms Garden is located in a highland tourist area which presents cool air and clean and fresh air and panoramic views of beautiful and spectacular flower gardens.

This garden is inspired by the beauty of The Miracle Garden in Dubai and the beauty of the garden in Bandung, of course it is not only filled with beautiful flowers and ornamental plants, the natural panorama that is presented is also very special and enchanting.

With a mountainous background and beautiful green scenery and a calm atmosphere at this Tabanan tourist spot, it will make you more relaxed and refreshed.

Strategic Tourist Spot

Being a favorite tourist destination, this beautiful park has a strategic location so that it is close to several other tourist objects.

When you visit Bedugul and start your holiday itinerary, you don’t need to spend time traveling because the tourist destinations are scattered.

There are tourist attractions close to the location of The Blooms Garden Bedugul, namely Lake Beratan Bedugul, Bedugul Botanical Gardens, Ulun Danu Temple and the Sila’s Agrotourism.

Even if you go to Sila’s agrotourism, you can only walk there for less than 10 minutes, isn’t it a healthy tour.

Other Interesting Activities Besides Interesting Photo Hunts

The Blooms Garden is very interesting to visit, because they provide vacation facilities that will really make you really enjoy your holiday. Other interesting activities apart from taking pictures at this location are;

Adventure With ATV

The Blooms Garden
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Standing on a large area, riding an ATV is a solution for those of you who want to explore every corner of this park.

By passing the land route in the middle of the Pohen hill forest which is very challenging for adrenaline and on every route you pass, you will also enjoy beautiful forests and cool mountain air.

On the way you can capture the best moments, with amazing views of Mount Agung and Mount Abang.

Become an Outbound Location

The Blooms Garden
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The Blooms Garden provides outbound rides to add to your excitement while on vacation here.

This outbound activity really trains cooperation, which can be played with colleagues, family, and even loved ones.

The types of game tools provided include clogs, dragon wars, leaky pipes, water towers and many more.

The games played will be guided by experienced outbound instructors. Of course this will be exciting when you fill your vacation while at The Blooms Garden.


The Blooms Garden
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The area is wide and located in a mountainous area, making this tourist park very suitable for camping activities.

Here also provided a camping area for visitors who want to experience closer to nature.

The Blooms Garden also provides tents so you don’t have to bother bringing your own tent.

Located in the Pohen hill forest area, it offers beautiful views with the charm of a thin mist that covers the pine trees.

There are also paintball games available and at night you can light a bonfire.


The Blooms Garden
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With a swing position that is right at a height that is on the edge of a blooming flower garden with a beautiful view of a flower garden.

The green hilly forest and the majestic Mount Agung and Mount Batur, you feel as if you are floating in the air with the cool air and this ride also tests your adrenaline when you ride the swings.

Kids PlayGround

The Blooms Garden
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This place is not only for adults only. The Blooms Garden also has children’s play facilities.

The games offered are, slide, ball pool, mini swing, mini trampoline and many other interesting games.


Don’t miss exploring your holiday at The Blooms Garden, for the address itself, the address is Br. Batusesa, Candikuning, Kec. Baturiti, Kab. Tabanan, Bali.

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