Beautiful Beaches in Karangasem

Visa Bali Info – Beautiful Beaches in Karangasem

Being a favorite tourist destination, Bali provides many tourist options that are very interesting and exciting to visit.

Moreover, Bali is so famous for its beautiful beaches. Try to visit the East Bali area, where there are many beautiful beaches and no less interesting than the beaches in the southern Bali region.

Precisely in the Karangasem area, Karangasem is a district located in the province of Bali, Indonesia. Its capital is in the city of Amlapura. It has two ports namely Padang Bai and Tanah Ampo (wikipedia).

Here are the beaches in Karangasem that we can recommend to you, see!

Candidasa Beach

Beautiful Beaches in Karangasem

This beach is very close to tourist spots in Candidasa. Has a row of small hill-shaped plains in the middle of the sea.

You can visit Gili Biaha, Gili Tepekong and Gili Mimpang which make this beach even more unique.

For those of you who like diving, Gili Biaha is the right spot. This largest island does offer very charming underwater.

Not only spoil the eye, this beach will also spoil your tongue because there are many restaurants available. So to enjoy a vacation here is very complete.

Tulamben Beach

Beautiful Beaches in Karangasem
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This beach is a type of beach with a coast that has many small rocks. When you are on this beach your feet will not get dirty with sand when you are on the shore

With the iconic mainstay of the wreck of the USS Liberty during World War II, Tulamben Beach has become a paradise for world-class divers.

Not only the icon of the USS Liberty ship, but the beauty of the underwater biota which is so beautiful can enchant divers to linger here.

Beautiful Beaches in Karangasem: Amed Beach

Beautiful Beaches in Karangasem
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Having a different character from other beaches in the Karangasem area, Amed beach has a black but exotic sand color.

With a wider and coral coast. Amed Beach is also a salt producing area.

For the beauty of underwater biota, it is no less interesting. With the charm of colorful coral reefs and various free-swimming fish, divers can also linger here.

Having a long and calm coastline, Amed beach is also a favorite location to enjoy the sunset with loved ones.

White sand beach

Beautiful Beaches in Karangasem
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To get to this beach location, you have to take quite a long time, this is because it is located quite far from the city center.

The distance from the location will be worth it when you get to the location of this white sand beach, even though it is far from the city, the facilities are quite adequate.

Warungs are already lined up on the beach with umbrellas that can be used as sunbathing areas.

This beach is still relatively far from the crowds, so for those of you who are looking for peace by enjoying the sunset, this beach is perfect.

Blue Lagoon Beach

Beautiful Beaches in Karangasem
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This beach is a good snorkeling location, with its position in a bay, making Blue Lagoon Beach blessed with sea water that is so calm and also clear.

The calm atmosphere will also make your healing period very useful on this beach. Interestingly, when you want to go to this beach, you have to go down dozens of steps first to get to the beach.

Even though you are tired, it has paid off with the stretch of white sand and also the vast blue sea, which really spoils the calm that you want to get on this beach.


To get to the beautiful beaches above, you don’t need to reach into your deep pockets, some of the beaches are free and some require an entrance ticket.

The entrance ticket itself is not too expensive, the price range is 5000 to 10000 rupiah, you can already enjoy the beauty of the beach in the Karangasem area.

Don’t forget to plan your vacation to East Bali, precisely in the Karangasem area, welcome to Karangasem, Bali..

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