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Beautiful and Unique Tourist Destination of Tanah Lot

Visa4bali – Tanah Lot. Bali island has worldwide reputation about having good spots for holidays. This island was always been the best choice for doing vacation even for domestic or foreign tourists. It has several kinds of destination such are natural tourism, beaches, mountain, waterfall, and also having place for you to learn arts and cultures. People usually come to this island not only for doing vacations but also wants to learn about Balinese cultures. One of destination that having place for spending holidays and learning the cultures is Tanah Lot. If you’re asking, what’s the reason for tourists to make this place as must to go? And the answer is because Tanah Lot has uniqueness and beauty.

tanah lot

When you try to look for information about having fun in Bali island, have you ever found pictures or advertisement showing rock with a temple on it? This is the most iconic picture that usually used by travel agencies to promote their business. That picture was came from Tanah Lot. First temple was built on the top of large black rock located on left side of the beach. This temple then known as Tanah Lot Temple. What’s make this place unique that it has second temple that placed on the same location but on right side of the beach, but this second temple was built on the edge of the cliff. You can see more interesting view from this place when the high tide moment looks like a ship made of large black stones that floating on the surface of sea water. The best time to visit this place is before sunset.

Pura Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot located on the city of Tabanan, Bali. It will take about 1 hours 20 minutes from International Airport of Ngurah Rai. Tanah Lot is famous around the world because it was one of the important temples for Balinese Hinduism and the location of the temple is located on a large rock off the coast. Besides offering beautiful natural scenery and also worship place, there are other things you can enjoy in this place, we’ve collected them as bellow

Visiting beautiful ‘coral island’

This place was Hinduism worship place that located on very large rock. At low tide, you can try to walk on this place to see the beauty of tanah lot. While the high tide, you’ll find Tanah Lot looks like a beautiful coral island in the middle of the sea from a distance. On that coral island, there are 2 temples located on different locations. First temple was called Pura Luhur Tanah Lot, and the second temple called Pura Batu Bolong. Pura Luhur usually used by local people for praying to God, they’re asking for the safety and welfare of the world, and also the balance between the sea and the earth. While the Pura Batu Bolong was usually used to hold a Melasti ceremony or religious ceremony.

tanah lot

Watching religious ceremonies

This place can be a destination for you who wants to see directly religious ceremonies for Hinduism. One of the ceremony is Piodalan, this ceremony held every 210 days. Lucky for you who visits this place at this time, you can see Hinduism bring regular offerings and services to the temple, and also moments of joint prayer.

Enjoying beautiful sunset

Tanah lot is having best location to see sunset. This location will be full of visitors before this time. The golden red light with violet nuance that illuminating the temple, will be perfect for closing your day. Come around 5 PM to this place to proof this beauty of the golden red sunset here.

Enjoying Kecak Dance

After enjoying the sunset, don’t rush to go home. You can see kecak dance fire show at Budaya Surya Mandala park. This is popular dance from balinese island that made it must thing to see!

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