Beach Club Recommendation On Bali Island

Visa4Bali Beach Club Info – Almost all people knew that Bali is paradise island. This island belongs to Indonesia country and attracts many tourists to come to this island. Balinese island is popular with beaches, mountain, sea activity, sunset or sunrise. Besides those activities, there is must thing to do in Balinese island that usually done by foreign tourist who visit this island. Most of tourists usually take a time for enjoying beach club. Bali beach club is something that popular to perfect your sunset or just having fun until midnight near with beach area. After having full activities in a day, having fun at bali beach club will be perfect to close your day. The beach club is not only opened at night, but you can do lunch as well. Activity such sunbathing, enjoying sunset and then have a party at night will perfect to have, right?

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Do you need reference to know what is best bali beach club? Here we have collected the information for you.

Mrs Sippy Beach Club

Mrs Sippy Beach Club is the biggest saltwater swimming pool in Bali island. This is the correct choice to enjoy drinks, food, music and having good DJ at night that will be perfect combinations for your precious night. The operational hour for this club starts from 10 am to 9 pm and located on north Kuta, Badung, Bali.

At Thursday there is 5 hour happy hour in this beach club and Happy Hour that made on Monday to Friday at 5 pm to 6 pm. The later night you come, the more you can enjoy in this Seminyak beach club.


Unique thing you can find in this Tropicola beach club is that this club was using theme of 80’s vibe and pool club color block. The Tropicola’s signature was a cocktail with jackfruit instead of pineapple. If you’d like to eat, there are so many foods in this beach club such fresh seafood, grill meats and also vegetables. This beach club located in north Kuta, Bali and the operational hours starts from 11 am to 10 pm.

Motel Mexicola

If you’d like to enjoy taco and tequila please come to Motel Mexicola. This beach club is using Mexico’s culture and having good looking interior design. This beach club is located on north Kuta, Bali and starts from 11 am to 1 am. The atmosphere in this beach club will be more busier at night. Enjoy the music played by DJ, head upstairs for more drinks and also join dancing!

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Finns Beach Club

This beach club was located on the edge of Canggu beach and became iconic place to see people who do surfing. Finns beach club has two pools, nine bars, and two restaurants with several options of lounge chairs and daybeds. This place is also offering recreation club that having fitness and spa facilities, splash water part that completed with surf board and lap pool as well. The location is also in north Kuta and the operational hours starts from 9 am to 11 am.

Vue Beach Club

Vue beach club has long infinity pool and located near with the beach. This beach club in Berawa, Canggu is really stylish by using mediteranian theme for the design. Every Friday there will be Beaches Pool party, and every Sunday you can enjoy Sax On The Beach that might you relax and enjoy by having good music from the saxophone! The operational hours starts from 9 am  to 11 pm.

Loop Pool Bar

The loop pool bar is using natural concept for the design that perfected by rattan, bamboo or straw for the equipment and ornaments. This beach club is located on Canggu and the operational hours starts from 7 am to 11 pm. This is cool beach club that using good looking theme of nature!

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